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Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Ugly Shoe of the Week: Yoga Punk from Annejet Kosters

Today’s ugly shoe choice: lace-up combat boots fit for an anarchist Egyptian princess. What other climate or lifestyle would allow such silly footwear?

Evidence that experimental does not equal pretty or even wearable.

Evidence that "experimental" does not equal "pretty" or even "wearable."


Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Ugly Shoe of the Week

Here’s your ugly shoe of the week — although, these may be the ugliest shoes in history: The TypeZ Dessert. This may be the only combination of a leather upper and an open toe, and hopefully it’s the last!


Friday, April 25th, 2008

Ugly shoes of the week

We have the distinct feeling that if our boyfriend’s were allowed to choose our shoes, then the Opel Agila would probably be at the top of their list. We can almost hear them now: "A shoe that doubles as a mini-car—genius!" Thankfully for us, shoes are rarely an item boyfriends will go out on a limb for…


Friday, January 18th, 2008

Freaky Friday: Ugly shoes of the week

It’s Friday and we know there’s nothing freaky about’s 30% OFF sale, that is unless you’re frightened by huge savings on a large selection of designer shoes. Though we venture to guess you’re not. Now, for what you’re hear for—the ugliest shoes online. Thanks, once again, to our friends at Shoewawa for seeking out and posting these marvels of modern fashion mayhem… Lastly, our disclaimer, where we apologize in advance if you own or are thinking of owning either of the following two featured ugly shoes. Enjoy!


Friday, January 11th, 2008

Ugly shoes of the week

The latest installment in our continuing showcase of the ugliest shoes ever:

Uglydress_1958_7030968While this may have been something Elton John would’ve worn in the mid-70s, it is certainly not something that should be making the rounds these days—unless of course you’re going to a really bitchin’ 70s party.


Friday, December 21st, 2007

Ugle Shoes of the Week

Goof Friday friends, not in the religious sense of course, but rather, in a "we’re so happy it’s Friday" sense. It has been a while since we’ve unleashed some shoe pessimism on you. So, if you’re one for unorthodox footwear, you may not want to read on… additionally, we apologize in advance if you own or are thinking of owning either of the following two featured ugly shoes. Enjoy!


Friday, October 26th, 2007

Ugly shoes

If a leopard and a frog opened up a shoe factory, this is what would result. These swamp green, leopard print wedges are universally ugly. 


Friday, October 5th, 2007

It’s that time of the month: ugly, ugly shoes

Good Friday friends, not in the religious sense; but rather, in a "we are happy it’s Friday" sense. We’ve held off for as long as we possibly could, but it’s time, once again, for a little shoe pessimism. So, if you’re a fan of truly ugly footwear, you might not want to read the following… that’s our disclaimer. Additionally, we apologize in advance if you own or are thinking of owning either of the following two featured ugly shoes. Enjoy!


Friday, August 24th, 2007

Freaky Friday

Congratulations! It’s Friday and wherever you are you’re probably only hours away from the weekend. Of course that’s only assuming you’re a fellow "cube dweller." However, we doubt that’s the case as we assume there are a number of service industry workers amongst our readers. All that said, after receiving accolades for last week’s featured ugly shoes we decided to continue with our shoe pessimism this week. Though today’s featured shoes are, in our opinion, even freakier than last week’s.


Friday, August 17th, 2007

Ugly shoes: when worlds collide

It has been weeks since we last scrutinized a shoe for being, in our opinion, truly hideous. It’s not because we’ve been at a loss for material, but instead because there has just been too many good shoes and shoe sales to blog about. But, unfortunately, not every shoe can be placed in those glorious categories. Here are just a couple we’ve recently stumbled across and feel are worth mentioning:


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