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Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Biking Shoes That Will Turn Heads

Although die-hard cyclists usually wear special bike shoes with clips, casual bike-riders will vouch that nearly any shoe may be worn on a bike.  Sure, if you’re training for a race, you’ll want clip-ons.  But if you’re just biking into the office, why not look cute?  Canadians are already advocating a more European approach to biking fashion, as the Montreal Gazette recently highlighted in an article titled, “Cyclistas Spin Into Style.” Apparently, on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s considered normal– or even hip– to wear chic clothes and shoes while biking. In fact, over in Europe, entire blogs are devoted to watching bicycle fashion.


Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Kasper by Sandro Moscoloni: Shoe Review

Bringing The Pain!

I hear it all the time, from both men and women alike,
there is almost, undoubtedly, always a trade-off between style and
comfort. Any individual that would like
to direct you otherwise either has nubs for feet, or they’re so used to wearing
said stylish shoes that they’ve become numb to the idea. A little insight into my world, I have a shoe
collection that rivals most women, though you’ll find a large variety of shoes
ranging for specific sports, dress, casual, “driving”, slip-ons, to the ultra

A lot of friends wonder why that is; well I’ve always
believed that ones’ shoes give a little insight into who you are as a person;
are you well kept, traveled, worn out, comfortable, or are you just one smelly,
dirty, dingy SOB. Also, when I travel, I
usually have to pack a few different pairs, in case of different events and
occasions that may or may not occur.

For this last month I’ve been asked to walk a mile in
Sandro Moscolini’s teak colored Kasper shoes, and I must say that it’s really hard for me
to find an occasion or event not to wear them. They dress up with a sleek pair of slacks equally as well as they dress
down with a pair of ripped and worn jeans. Of course, you’ll never catch me playing a game of basketball in them,
though the comfort and cushion does rival any pair of Jordans, Nikes,
Adidas, or Reeboks in my closet. If they
made a mid-top version of the shoe with a little better grip, I would have a
near impossible decision on my hands.

So enough mindless dribble, here’s my breakdown of the shoes
on a 1-10 scale. Please excuse my
nerdiness and need to put a 1 – 10 scale on a shoe review, as well as please
remember that this is slightly biased towards my personal tastes and



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