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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Perfect Picnic Shoes

Happy National Picnic Month!  Picnics are more than just an opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy good times with friends and/or coworkers.  With Americans weighing more than ever, I propose that picnics are a naturally enjoyable way to slim down.  First, the fact that you’ll pack your lunch beforehand improves the chances that you’ll get a well-balanced meal.  (Also:  it’s hard to find a drive-through on the trail.)  Second, you’ll have to walk or hike  somewhere before you eat– meaning you’ll burn off at least a few calories.  Finally, if you’re like me, you’ll be more motivated to get in shape if your picnic companions notice a wheezing sound emanating from your cherry red face as you stumble up the trail.  Still, even if your body isn’t exactly your ideal shape, there’s no reason you can’t look good on the picnic path.  To encourage all Shoefly readers to get out there and dine al fresco, I’m featuring shoes that are great choices for any picnic, along with a few footgear tips to make your next picnic the best ever.


Monday, July 20th, 2009

Feet hurt?

Feet hurt?
As pedestrians, we all have our fair share of foot troubles from time to time — and, dare I say, most are shoe-related. Thankfully, however, there are experts among us devoted to both caring and providing us with the latest and most relevant information for our feet. In fact, I just came across a particularly informative article by Sally Wadyka of Real Simple. She highlights six reasons why our feet hurt and what to do about it.


Friday, June 19th, 2009

Shoes for the Office and Beyond

On these long summer days, it’s imperative to have versatile footwear.  After all, you never know when a Tweet or Facebook status update will clue you into a super-hip after-hours event.  Rather than carry around your clubbing shoes, why not marry work and play in a single pair of kicks?  I have a few tips for finding the perfect pair of shoes to transverse your roles as laborer and party animal: (more…)

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Biking Shoes That Will Turn Heads

Although die-hard cyclists usually wear special bike shoes with clips, casual bike-riders will vouch that nearly any shoe may be worn on a bike.  Sure, if you’re training for a race, you’ll want clip-ons.  But if you’re just biking into the office, why not look cute?  Canadians are already advocating a more European approach to biking fashion, as the Montreal Gazette recently highlighted in an article titled, “Cyclistas Spin Into Style.” Apparently, on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s considered normal– or even hip– to wear chic clothes and shoes while biking. In fact, over in Europe, entire blogs are devoted to watching bicycle fashion.


Friday, January 30th, 2009

Flirty and Feminine Friday Shoes

Yippee! It’s Friday! Friday is my favorite day of the week, since every one’s excited about the weekend, but hasn’t yet contracted a case of the “Winding Down Weekend Blues.” If you ask me, the best shoes for Fridays are comfortable chameleons that make you feel pretty at the office and flirty at the cocktail bar. Perfect Friday shoes are also sporty, so that you can trot through your yoga class, shopping, and socializing with spunky grace.


Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Shuellas: A Fun Way to Protect Your Shoes

Now that the Shoefly Winter Sale has brought that perfect new pair into your world, make sure they last through the recession by protecting them against wintry conditions. The latest way to protect your pumps? Shuellas.


Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Sole Steal of the Week – Auo134X by One of 2

It’s time for another Sole Steal and we’re thrilled to offer up one of our favorite brands at an incredibly low price. One of 2 is one of our favorite designer shoe brands and this week’s Sole Steal is the Auo134X by One of 2. Walk away in this incredibly classy leather flat with a cozy 1 1/2 inch heel and high quality leather upper and lining. Thanks to great craftsmanship this high quality leather shoe will last for season after season. If that’s not enough for you, read what Jamie thinks about One of 2 in her review of the Auo138.  


Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

AUO138 by One of Two: Shoe Review

The subtle metallic shimmers in the strangest of
light. The contrasting stitching spreads
like a web across the foot alluring to the diva, the vixen, and the fox. The baby girl rounded toes brings one back to
the innocent and the saintly. But with a
pair of heels like these, who wants to be a saint? I would rather run around the sun-splashed
town with bare legs and a short skirt atop my AUO138 by One of TWO. Yes that’s the brand and style of the shoe – I wasn’t asking a question or naming a Star Wars character.


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