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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Back to Plastic

Back to Plastics! I am not talking about what grocery bag to choose, I am talking about shoes.  Perusing through my latest fashion magazines I could not help but notice that this Spring’s couture shoes are clear.  The shoes that range from $298 to $890 are plastic…Clear Plastic.  Well, if you want to get "hoity toity" we can call them ‘acrylic’ or ‘lucite,’ which are just glorified words for different forms of clear plastic – ahem, plastic. 

What’s with the see through plastic shoes?  Don’t we wear shoes to cover up those little things that although are vital and give us balance in so many senses of the word, are not always the prettiest?  I mean, we treat them like hell!  We stuff them into tiny pointed contraptions that are reminiscent of the days of foot binding. We then walk all over town in these contraptions with all our weight crammed into the jarring toe of the shoe, which is supported only by the littlest surface area possibly imaginable under our heels.  At this point we don’t relax when we walk through the urban streets.  No, instead we are conscious of our every step making sure to avoid the dreaded cracks in the sidewalk for the eminent and embarrassing ankle roll, which we try to cover up as part of our womanly cool swagger. Yes, the hellish treatment does not stop at our feet, but travels up our legs to our ankles and knees. 

We eventually kick off the painful objects, which we bought with the lame excuses of: "well, the leather will soften," or "they are so cute I can’t bear to leave them in the store," or my favorite excuse of all time, "I am sure they will be comfortable once my feet adjust to them."  Where is the wonderfully honest shoe sales person that at this point will call out to you and say: “Honey!  Baby! Your feet don’t adjust!  The shoes simply don’t fit!” It’s like because we are women and we go
through the whole pregnancy thing when our hips and bellies literally change,
metamorphous in front of our eyes allowing us to bear children that this will
simply and naturally happen in our feet allowing us to fit into the beloved
shoe for the moment. Next season, I
swear my feet will adjust again.


Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Not One With the Bermuda’s

I am just not one with the Bermuda shorts.  There was initially a bit of skepticism at the thought of donning the Bermuda shorts once again in my lifetime.  The thought alone made me drift back to the fifth grade days when they were decorated with huge Hawaiian flowers and pastel colors.  Yeah, that is enough to make anyone run the other direction.  I mean, it is one thing for the boys in their board shorts to be running around the beach in similar style, but for a grown woman to be walking around town, going from professional office to happy hour pub, well, it just seems, how can I say this, wrong.  Of course with the revert of any style comes some sort of modern twist.  The Bermuda shorts we are seeing today range from pocket-less solid linens to plaid with big buttons on the cuffs, a far fetch from the aforementioned style of the 80’s.  And in actuality, I am looking for a pair of brown accented plaid shorts to rock with my “Hip” Gee WaWa’s in the spring to summer months.  So, with the Bermuda’s lining the racks at all my favorite department stores, I said “what the hell!”  Off to the fitting room I go with more Bermuda’s draped on my arm then I could possibly imagine.



Friday, April 20th, 2007

Organic Make-Up: Organic You!

Yoga on the corner, Pilates down the road, local food
co-op next door, and organic cotton sportswear for sale a few blocks away.
Today’s bella is about being conscious; conscious of our bodies, our minds, our
spirits, and our Earth. When we get up
each morning to make our morning breakfast with our free range eggs and fair
trade organic coffee, we should also start thinking about the things we choose
to put on our body as well as what we put into them. With make-up companies
like Origins, Ecco Bella, and Bare Minerals leading the way to natural health
with beauty in mind, there’s a plethora of make-up options that are actually
better for our bodies and therefore our well being. Some cosmetic companies are
even taking it a step further by producing Earth friendly packaging to bring
environmental consciousness into the cause. Wow, a little effort makes you feel so good! So when you go out into
this beautiful world make sure you treat it as such and bring your gorgeous
body along on the beautiful ride while you’re at it! After all, change starts one blush stroke at
a time!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Pre-emptive White Pants Wednesday Part 3: Rules Schmules!

Finally, we come to part 3 of my Pre-emptive White Pants Wednesday editorial. You’ll notice that we have now branded my weekly editorial In Jamie’s Shoes. So be sure to look for it every Wednesday. Yay!

On with the fashion rule farces! With the other
comparative ‘white fashion rule’ being “no white shoes after Labor Day,” I
began to think about when I can wear white? I
mean, that gives me a three month window to whip out the white clothing and
shoes when white is one of my best colors! No way! There has GOT to be a way
around this! Kendra had just the
solution. “Well, that’s what winter
whites are for.” I just need to vary my
whiteness; ivory and cream in winter and autumn, crisp white in the

Another myth which I continually break; so um, I guess
the pairing of black with brown is a big fashion ‘no no’? Really? Then what do you suppose I wear with my distressed brown leather Frye’s,
which are a fantabulous match with my American Apparel flowing black knit
skirt? Not to mention that I throw on a
brown knit top to carry on the black and brown theme separated by a layer of
off white. Oh! It doesn’t stop there! The boyish tank paired with the girly skirt
has to be a rule breaking strategy as well, right? I mean, these are just oxymoron’s flying


Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Pre-emptive white pants Wednesday Part 2: Well, Maybe

Continued from Part 1: The Mission!


Monday, April 9th, 2007

Scarlet by Cynthia Rowley: Shoe Review

Putting the Fun in Functional Business Attire


Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Pre-emptive white pants Wednesday Part 1: The Mission

March 7, 2007 marks the first strike against one of the
unwritten though commonly known rules of the world. On Tuesday, March 6 2007, I received a very
important email consisting of an appointment card of the highest degree. This appointment went to a select few within
my 100 employee company, as only a few of us are trained enough, strong enough,
and independent enough to be given this daunting task of extreme risk. Yes, there are only a few of us who would
accept such a challenge, knowing the aftermath might be detrimental. We had little time to prepare for our
mission as this task was to take place the next day. Our concerns were great and at times
overwhelming, but we proceeded with style, panache, and determination in our veins. Yes, March 7, 2007 will go down
in history as the day we wore white pants before Memorial Day. GASP!!!


Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

AUO138 by One of Two: Shoe Review

The subtle metallic shimmers in the strangest of
light. The contrasting stitching spreads
like a web across the foot alluring to the diva, the vixen, and the fox. The baby girl rounded toes brings one back to
the innocent and the saintly. But with a
pair of heels like these, who wants to be a saint? I would rather run around the sun-splashed
town with bare legs and a short skirt atop my AUO138 by One of TWO. Yes that’s the brand and style of the shoe – I wasn’t asking a question or naming a Star Wars character.


Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Darian Heels by Sam Edelman: Review

Regal status with me in mind?


Monday, February 19th, 2007

Dolce Vita Wedge: Review

Exploring Wonderland in my Dolce Vita Wedge


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