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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Here comes the sun (and dresses)!

According to local reports, this Thursday, May 15, will be the commencement of a widely celebrated and very important turn of events.  It will be this Thursday when the gray clouds will part to reveal a shining light known as “the sun.”  Yes, tomorrow in Portland, Ore., will be the first day of the long-awaited, notable and illustrious… dress season!  We are hitting above 80 on Thursday with clear skies, bare legs and T-strap sandals! And I have just the dress to honor such a celebration. 


Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Gearing up for the Alberta Art Hop!



Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: So she tugged on her dress?

Haven’t you ever had one of those skirts that are a little loose-fitting in the waist and tend to twist after a one block walk through your urban jungle?  What do you do to fix it?  Ya tug on it.  Haven’t you ever had one of those shirts that was a little too tight and tended to creep up when you stood from sitting in the same office chair for so long?  What do you do to pull it down?  Ya tug on it.  Haven’t you ever had that new dress that you know you are just workin’, struttin’ your stuff down the boardwalk, but you are still trying to get a good feel for the dress?  What do you do to figure it all out?  Ya tug on it.


Thursday, April 24th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Portland Monthly not completely Portland-friendly

This month’s Portland Monthly magazine reconnected with some locals that have since moved from the Bridge City to pursue their modeling career in places like New York, Milan and Paris.  I have to admit I was very anxious to read the article that was tagged on the cover as “Sky-high style: Spring fashion for the jet set.”  I love hearing about Portlanders that make it on the international scene.  Add the fact that they brought them back home to try on some local fashion and I was all about it!  The shots were great; they set candid black and white photos next to the modeling set-ups.  The juxtaposition of the photos definitely gave these porcelain doll models a more human characteristic which is so often missed.  The only part I was bummed about was the fashion itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved what they were wearing (the vibrant Marni shift-dress paired with the big colorful bangles draping down both arms was an eye-catching beauty), but I was sort of hoping they would bring them back to Portland to support all the wonderful designers coming from our city streets, not the labels we see in all of our fashion magazines on catwalks oceans away. 

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Lip gloss love!

I found a new love—it’s called lip gloss.  I love lip gloss!  I like it pale, I like it bold; I like it opaque, I like it transparent; I like it minty, I like it peachy—I just really like lip gloss!  The only thing I don’??t like about it is that it gets on everything you kiss—??do you know how many of my friends are walking around town with various shades of my lips coloring their cheeks?  I guess you could say I leave my mark! 

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Dress conundrums

It seems as though about this time every year there is something in the air that summons me to talk about the fast-approaching time we like to refer to as "wedding season."  Ah, sweet wedding season.  Of course with all these weddings quickly approaching, (I mean, my first wedding is only three months away!), I have gone out a-huntin’ for my perfect party dress.  This is obviously not my first experience with such shopping intention and every time I embark upon this journey, I end up coming to the same frustrating place.  See, it is right before wedding season where I somehow manage to end a relationship and therefore do not have a companion to tote around and show off at the reception.  Needless to say I rather like going to such events alone and meeting up with my girlfriends where we can have a night of dancing in fairytale dresses.  Though, when getting ready for such an event, I am getting ready alone. 


Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Love is in the air

I think I am in love.  Yes, the passion of spring has pervaded my soul.  I have been warmed by sunshine peeking from beneath the clouds, I have fallen prey to the love songs sung throughout my morning commute by the baby birds that have just come out of their fragile shells, I have been mesmerized by the daffodils and hyacinths and their dazzling colors, I have been consumed by the cherry blossoms and their sweet scents and I have madly fallen for the gem-colored dresses of this years spring trends!  I have also found the most wonderful dress to get me to my first garden party with style and panache.


Thursday, March 27th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Another dose of Portland fashion

Another showing of Portland fashion is upon us, and just in time for last week’s eco-chic request!  This week’s featured blog comes from Rebecca Luke on Sustainable Style Foundation.  Rebecca will be a part of an eco-fashion panel at this weekend’s highly anticipated Better Living Show, where they will also be showcasing some of our local lovely green designers.  This show will be held at the Expo Center and, unlike the 2007 Portland Fashion Week, is just a yellow-line MAX trip away, so you can get there in eco-fashion while still sporting your Natalie Portman’s.

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

“Great dress!”

“Great dress!”  The waitress called out to me as I made my way through the maze of dining tables. “Oh thanks!” I called back as I turned to talk to the petite woman with blonde hair and a water pitcher.  I had to promote while the opportunity presented itself; “I got this from a local designer, Emily Katz—have you heard of her? No? Oh, she is great!  She concentrates on green-design and…”


Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Pure Poison–My new indulgence


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