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Thursday, August 14th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Iride-sense

So, remember those pants in the early 90’s which changed colors
depending on how the light hit them?  They changed from purple to blue
to red, or green to yellow to blue.  I remember working in men’s youth
at a department store during high school when these came in full
athletic suits, (which were hideous),  and were all the rage, (yes, I
know I am dating myself).  They even made cars painted with this same
iridescent sheen which still sneak out of the woodwork every now and
again, (I bet you those folks are shooting  themselves in the foot for
picking out that um, “timeless” paint job back in the day).  So why is
it okay to bring this um, “style” back in today’s day in age? Is it
only because the label “Kate Spade” is harness across the front of the
bag?  And why do I of all people sort of like the ugly little braided
handled purse?  I mean, it is ugly in an endearing sort of way.  Why am
I trying to rationalize this appeal…Untitled1

Friday, August 8th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Dating Games

As many of you know, I have been single for some time now.  I mean, sure I have been dating with fleeting moments of “this could get serious,” and then I come to my senses about the boy trapped inside a man’s body.  Dating; we put such a nonchalant spin on it but when you really think about dating, it is such a hard thing to navigate.  The slightest awkward approach could be the difference between a phone number going into the pocket of the potential date, or into the nearest trash can. How many times have you given out your number after a thorough screening and not received a call?  How many times have you accepted a number when in reality you weren’t the slightest bit inclined to actually use it?


Thursday, July 31st, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Um… it’s water.

I understand and drool over much of the haute couture fashion design, but this….this is a little ridiculous, especially at $14.00/bottle. Need I remind you it’s water?  I will opt to stick my mouth under a faucet and call it a day.


Friday, July 25th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: The Art of Fashion

The art of fashion is revealed to me everyday through the pages I turn in my monthly magazines and the streets I walk within my urban jungle.  Every so often I find myself lying in bed awake until the wee hours of the night as I study the pages of my fashion glossy, seeing things I love but simply can’t afford.  I know, I must be low on the economic totem poll to not be in the position to drop a mere $1,100 on a jersey knit skirt accessorized with a $450 faux-emerald necklace emulated from the $65,000 real thing.   I must be next to impoverished.  But fashion transcends more than the mighty dollar; it is a matter of presentation.


Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Attention!

Attention all lovers of Alberta Arts and fabulous fashion finds!  One of our favorite clothing stores is having their two year anniversary and celebrating in style!  This Last Thursday, June 26,  Mabel & Zora (located on NE 15th and Alberta), will have all their jeans at 15% off (including my favorite booty-liscious line, Joe’s Jeans), as well as serving champagne and cupcakes!  What could be more divine?  See you there!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Portlander’s run…

To Michelle DeCourcy’s beautiful boutique on 919 NW Flanders, right next to the yummy scrummy Isabel’s, (so you have a convenient place to satiate your hunger after a good day of shopping!).  I am sad to announce that the boutique is closing… for now; she promises a return to her website after she takes care of her health (those of us here at Shoeflyer wish you the best, Michelle).  This means many great deals on small production ultra cool Michelle DeSigns.  So support Michelle on her path, and get some beautiful garments for yourself while you are at it!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Jane’s Marvelous Revolution

“Join the revolution: you CAN afford great style.”  And this particular great style comes in the form of an easy on-your-shoulder lightweight, good to the Earth, environmentally-sound, animal-loving, leather-free, expressive design with brilliant colors bag line.  Go ahead and Marvel at Jane, and join the revolution now.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Summer, where art thou?

It is June 4, 2008.  We are just over two weeks away from the longest day of the year; the summer equinox which commences the season known for its hot and sunny days, when the warmth carries into the evenings spent on porches and decks across the Northern hemisphere, while roasting marshmallows under the moonlight.  We are just over two weeks past the official commencement of dress season.  So, why the heck am I wearing a wool sweater and boots and still complaining of the cold?  Huh, Mother Nature?  Could you answer me that?  I swear I am not bitter (grumble, grumble).

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Do good…go shopping!

Good Shop is an online subsidiary of Good Search; a site where 50 percent of the revenue goes to a charity OF YOUR CHOICE.  How, you may ask? You choose your charity—any charity; doggie, clean-air, Darfur, Myanmar… any charity, and go shopping… that’s it! It costs you nothing and you are helping a cause you believe in all while getting cute new things!  Look, even Wal-Mart jumped on the Good Shop band-wagon (it is eerily ironic that Wal-Mart is on this list, but I am not going to embark upon that political conversation).  You can also use Good Search as your main search engine (which is powered by Yahoo!), and let the giving begin!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Shop It To Me!

Danger, danger, DANGER!!! I just found, and maybe I am behind the times, my new best friend: Shop It To Me.  It is basically your online personal shopper that hunts down all the deals and steals from a plethora of designers.  Of course you can personalize your online personal shopper (redundancy intended), by selecting your favorite designers (over 200 to choose from), and your shoe, top and bottom sizes, as well as how many times per week you’d like to receive the updated online sale list.  And this personalized shopper hits all the great stores from Shopbop and Bluefly to Nordstrom and Saks.  I guess the clincher for me was when they actually offered Fila as a brand to choose from—I haven’t rocked those since 1984!  The danger in all of this is actually receiving the emails; there they are, a ton of sales staring you in the face, begging for you to click and buy.  It is only going to exacerbate our already obsessive compulsive shopping habits! 

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