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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Mary Janes for the Comfy Fashionista

According to iVillage’s Shoe-Style Personality Quiz, I’m a secret diva.  My results read, “You’re a loafer girl all the way, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun… You may look innocent, but there is a fashion diva inside you dying to come out.” And here I thought my diva-nity was obvious.  No matter, I’ll just take results as one more sign that I should buy a new pair of Mary Janes, one of my all-time favorite styles.


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Russian Fashion Week: It’s a Jungle Out There

The worldwide financial crisis has hit Moscow hard. Once known as a city of opulence where luxurious SUVs battled for space on designer-boutique lined avenues, Moscow’s prime real estate is increasingly feasible only for discount stores. Profits from luxury goods are expected to plummet by a third this year, and the Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen storefronts in Moscow are now empty, after only 18 months in business. Still, the fashion show must go on.


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Michelle Obama Chooses Black Flats & Kitten Heels for Europe

At times, Michelle Obama’s fashion choices threatened to outshine the political purpose behind the Obamas’ recent diplomatic trip across Europe.  If you’ve been as pleasantly distracted by Ms. Obama’s fashion faceoff against the world’s post powerful divas as I have, you’ve probably noticed her sleek, subtle, comfortable footwear. I’m not alone in rejoicing that the First Lady is both fashionable and real.


Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Shoes For Tossing Over Telephone Wires

Chances are, you’ve seen shoefiti before.  From the United States to Peru to Israel to Romania, people all over the world practice “shoe tossing,” i.e. throwing shoes over telephone wires.  Just what does it mean when you spot sneakers or boots dangling from their laces?  Explanations for shoe flinging are as wide ranging as diverse as the flingers themselves.  If you ask a boy scout, he’ll say shoe flinging is part of summer camp.  Someone who lives in the inner city would likely have a very different response.  Shoes hanging from a wire are said to represent: (more…)

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Yamamoto Brings Red-Hot Shoes to Paris Fashion Week

The Parisians certainly know how to end things with a bang. This week marks the beginning of Paris Fashion Week, the final leg of the worldwide metropolitan fashion showcases for the season. So far, the designs on Paris’ catwalks have seemed to fly in the face of inevitable financial cutbacks, almost as if designers are rebelling against economic limitations.


Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Runway Review: Spring 2009 Limi Fieu

Clunky, combat-ready boots stomped all over the runway at the

BV1733 by Biviel

BV1733 by Biviel: Limi goes to the Country

Spring 2009 Limi Fieu show. Perhaps all of the post-apocalyptic video games and thriller movies are influencing fashion? The Limi Fieu show featured chunky white and black boots with little or no heel, many of which were reminiscent of trusty old galoshes. These sturdy, strong boots contrasted nicely with loose, boxy masculine styles hung in flowing feminine fabrics. Some boots really stepped up the tough-factor with strands of chains. Black and white dominated the color palate, and the designer presented plain, elegant designs without anything that could read as celebratory or flippant in these serious economic times.


Thursday, November 20th, 2008

What stories do your shoes tell?

John Travolta’s shoes in “Saturday Night Fever” tell a story. Travolta’s strut is smooth, driven and cocky. His stride synchronizes perfectly with the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” Used in one of the earliest cross-marketing campaigns, those few moments of wordless cool shot Travolta and the Bee Gees to heady fame. My first encounter with this sequence left me demanding, “Who is this guy, and what (or who?) can’t he do?


Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Sole Steal of the Week—BV695 by Biviel

Independence Day (or the Fourth of July to some) is right around the corner, and we all know what that means—summer is officially here. So, grab your picnic basket, BBQ and sparklers, and head to the beach, park or a back yard with your friends and family.


Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Bronze Ballet Flat by Biviel: Review

Get Grounded this Spring in Biviel’s Bronze Ballet Flats


Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Biviel: Review

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