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Friday, August 28th, 2009

Get Ready, Get Green

BV2009That’s right, green – and no, we’re not talking environmentally-friendly — just the color. Green is on its way back and already surfacing among some shoe designers, at least, that’s what our friends at The Shoe Dish are saying. While they concede, however, that we won’t see the color’s popularity in full force until next spring, hints of the fashion trend will be appearing throughout the fall and winter. And when spring does get here, Shoefly wants you at the forefront of fashion instead of trying desperately to catch up. Here are a few ways for you to set the trend, not just follow it.


Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Poolside Sandals

feet at poolAh, August.  The month of hot dog cookouts, backyard barbecues, and poolside antics.  Speaking of poolside antics, have you had enough this year?  If you’ve been spending too much time in the office, perhaps it’s time to schedule a staycation and slip into a frisky set of sandals.  Here are a few tips to help you find a pair of sandals that will catch the smoky eyes of that lifeguard you’ve been dreaming about.


Friday, August 7th, 2009

Early Fall Shoe Trends: Hardware Details

Gynnie by Charles David: Golden Studs?  That sounds too good to be true.The fashion community prepares for seasons far in advance. The Fall 2009 pieces, for instance, were catwalked last winter.  Although I understand why it’s necessary to show fashion lines so early (so that distributors, ready-to-wear-ers, and marketers can do their thing), it does seem strange that designers should be mum now, when women are actually beginning to think about what they’ll wear this fall and winter. And so, all this week, Shoeflyer has been featuring fall trends, to help you get ready for the chilly days ahead.  At least you have one consolation as the summer fades:  fall and winter mean you can wear more leather!  Today’s trend is all about leather (or imitation leather).  Perhaps due to the tough economy, designers have been pairing leather with plenty of biker/punk flair, including buckles, safety pins, grommets, and hooks.


Friday, July 10th, 2009

The Perfect Summer Shoe

BV1276Ah. Halfway through summer. The sun is shining and the temperature is rising. Though, apart from the fact that I do truly enjoy the warm weather, during summertime I often find myself in a shoe-related quandary: when it gets hot, my feet get uncomfortably warm and sweaty in a pair of shoes. Of course, the easy answer is a fashionable pair of sandals; however, given certain occasions like weddings, dances, or professional gatherings, sandals aren’t always appropriate to wear. Thankfully though, after years of searching, I finally discovered the perfect summer shoe.


Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Haute Couture in Hard Times: The Theatre de la Mode

A New York Times article titled “Haute Couture Faces Uncertain Times” summarizes the challenges the exclusive circle of Haute Couture designers face in these days of economic difficulty.  Apparently, for the lavishly rich, paying up to $30,000 for a masterpiece of a dress was more justifiable before the economy tanked. Now, designers like Christian Lacroix are filing for bankruptcy.  Some designers have braved these rough economic seas by scaling back at Fashion Weeks, offering more mid-priced merchandise, and hosting Haute Couture shows in house.  Still, this isn’t the first time that the fashion world has been forced to get creative in the face of economic instability.  In fact, compared with the designers in Paris following WWII, today’s designers seem downright spoiled.  A recent visit to an exhibit called Theatre de la Mode at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Maryhill, WA, increased my appreciation for the creativity and determination of post-war European designers.


Friday, June 12th, 2009

No, flip-flops do not go with everything.

Go Ape by SugarWith the sun staying longer and temperatures on the rise, it’s inevitable to witness the growing appearance of toes. During the summer, many shed their shoes and socks and tell their feet to head straight for a pair of flip-flops. Personally, I celebrate the flip-flop, but before you commit to wearing a pair everyday for the next three months, there are a few things you should consider first. Even though the weather’s nice and your toes crave the sun doesn’t mean that flip-flop sandals are a go anytime, anywhere.


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Summer Wedge Sandals: Perfect Summer BBQ Shoes

This weekend’s fantastic weather had ladies everywhere tossing their winter duds into storage bins, I’m sure.  Make way, you stuffy old sweaters.  Get outta the closet, parkas and pea coats.  It’s time for sundresses, sandals, and super hip shades.  Finally!  Now that the summer’s here, take advantage of it by grabbing a pair of the best shoes for summer soirees:  wedge sandals.


Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Tips for Sexy Summer Calves

I always appreciate my strong, stout calves as a defensive player on the soccer field. Those stable, sturdy legs can kick any ball–or any invading forward–out of my territory. Off the field, I often find myself wishing my legs were just a little bit more svelte. No one will ever compliment me on having thin stems, that’s for sure. Thankfully, even my Rubens-esque gams can still turn heads, as long as I use a few fashion tricks, such as wearing mono-chromatic outfits to make my legs seem longer. In her book Great Legs! Every Girl’s Guide to Healthy, Sexy, Strong Legs, Jane Merrill offers great suggestions for making any set of calves look fabulous.  Here are a few of her tips.


Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

How To Pick Flattering Colors for Summer Shoes

BV1893 by Biviel

BV1893 by Biviel

Summer’s bright colors and crazy-fun styles can be overwhelming.  We’ve already covered how to select summer shoe styles to flatter your body type, but what about color? Color is perhaps the first thing we notice about a pair of shoes, so it’s important to find shades that compliment your skin tone and body type.  Here are a few tips to help you find flattering colors for your summer shoes:


Monday, May 11th, 2009

How to Pick Summer Shoes To Flatter Your Feet

Summer is coming!  If you’re like me, my feet are aching to kick off their puritanical coverings in favor of well-aerated sandals, espadrilles, and peep-toe pumps.  (Ideally, these shoes would easily slide off for instant barefoot gratification whenever the whim to feel grass between my toes strikes.)  Because summer shoe styles don’t have to provide a barrier against snow, rain and sleep, they offer more design options.  Will you go for mule kitten heels, lace-up-the-leg espadrilles, or strappy gladiator sandals with three inch heels?  Let your decision be influenced principally by your own body.  Here are a few tips for selecting summer shoes to flatter your feet, legs, and general body type.


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