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September 3rd, 2009

5 Fun Ways to Spiff Up Old Shoes

Old shoes on the beachLet’s face it:  these days, everyone’s looking for ways to save money while maintaining their most fabulous individual look.  I’m no different.  I dream of leading Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe-tastic lifestyle, but I’m really more like a fashion MacGyver– I’ll wow the crowd with whatever materials and footwear is available, even if I’ve reinvented a certain pair five times.  One trick to getting more milage out of your footwear is to take good care of it.  But no matter how many protective balms you buy, life happens and shoes eventually show signs of wear.  Or maybe you’re just bored with a certain pair, and you want to update your look without emptying your wallet.  Well, here are five fun ways to get your old shoes back in business.  Enjoy… and once you’ve cleared out your shoe closet, surf on over to Shoefly to take full advantage of our 30% off sale– save an additional 30% off marked prices at check out!

1.  Crochet-licious Half Booties
Furry, fuzzy details were all over Fall Fashion week in Paris.  Instead of shelling out hundreds of clams, why not alter your old pair? shows you how after the jump.

2.  Brush Away Your Worries…
…With toothpaste!  Did you know that you can clean scuffs off leather and spiff up old sneakers with regular old toothpaste?  Follow the link above to learn how, and to find dozens of other uses for toothpaste.

3. Get Crafty with Your Pooped out Pumps
You can have your very own Christmas Story-esque leg lamp, wearing your own old shoe, no less!  Follow this link for some creative uses for old pumps.

4.  Shine like they do in the Army.
There is no better shine than a spit shoe shine.  Before the drizzly days of winter arrive, give your leather shoes a military-style spit shoe shine (without the spit, of course).  Your best pairs will look almost as good as new after you’re done shining them!

5. Paint Your Old Shoes.
This isn’t the first time I’ve advocated this approach to extending your shoes’ life, but Anna over at DIY Life has a fail-proof method for preparing, painting, and sealing your old pumps.  Que bella! Heck, I might have to give those Goodwill shoes another glance, know that I know I can totally revamp them!

Top photo by Bert Heymans.


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