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August 26th, 2009

Why do women own so many pairs of shoes?

This, of course, is one of the age-old questions many men find wandering through their heads. And as a member of the male gender myself, I won’t lie, I’ve let the same question do some wanderin’ in my own noggin — don’t get me wrong, I love my shoes (obviously), but even I try to draw the line somewhere. Today, however, columnist Sheri Goggin came to the defense of women and their abundance of shoes by addressing the question in a local newspaper. Here’s how a man thought her answer measured up.

Goggin begins by first providing us with her three-fold motto: “If the shoe fits and looks cute, buy it. If the shoe is on sale and almost fits, buy it. And lastly, but most importantly, if the shoe fits and will make the outfit, definitely buy it; you can always find something else to wear with it.”

While I thought this purchasing philosophy was particularly concerning, she goes on to say that each pair of shoes a woman purchases serves a specific purpose. At this point, she had me listening. Next, she elaborates on a woman’s need for specific shoes like flats, closed-toe heels, wedges, black pumps, sandals, and peep-toes.

And finally, she helped me better understand by equating women’s shoes with golf clubs, a metaphor I found quite helpful. You see, for golfers, it would be simply absurd to play a course without the right set of clubs; in fact, it would be nearly impossible given certain clubs. So if women require a unique set of shoes to effectively manage their “golf courses” of life, well, I guess I can buy that. Though, considering the number of “clubs” some women seem to need, their courses must be immensely more complex than those of golf.

Having said that, visit Shoefly for great deals on designer clubs — er, shoes.


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