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August 19th, 2009

Flip-Flops: Deadly Footwear? Seriously?

Red skin with flip-flopsTime to start writing the Shoeflyer post for today… I’ll just take a look around the web for shoe news… ho-hum, blah-de-blah—WHAT?  FLIP-FLOPS ARE DEADLY?  That’s right.  Take a turn around Google News for yourself, and you’ll find no less than nine articles on the insidious danger of thongs for your feet, one titled “Warning: Flip Flops Can Kill You.”  Local news stations across the country are dedicating hard-hitting journalists to this  silent pedi-threat.  Why are flip-flops so dangerous, you ask?  Well…

1.  They are open to the air. Remember, air can be lethal because it can carry bacteria.  Wearing flip-flops leaves you open to diseases, especially if someone sneezes on your foot.  Actually, just avoid air whenever possible.  Stuff yourself into a performance-boosting wetsuit and be confident that you have a saving layer of man-made polyurethane between you and all that pernicious air.

2. They can carry disease. That’s right– the Staph bacteria have been known to live inside your flip-flops.  So you should only wear them to places that have been designated Staph-free zones. And keep your eyes open– if a purple alert is posted, deadly flip-flop viruses are thinking of going on the attack.

3.  They aren’t connected to your heel. Henceforth, that slapping sound will no longer be the shoe soundtrack to summer.  Instead, the menacing flip-flop sound will serve as the death-knoll to your foot health.  Flip-flops leave your feet open to dry air and dust, which can suck the moisture out of your skin.  Even worse, they provide no arch support and force you to scrunch up your toes when you walk, which can lead to ugly hammertoes.  When will people learn that the human foot has actually evolved to be shoved into damp, warm, constrictive shoes?  (Just stick yer fingers in your ears when you hear about the benefits of going barefoot.)

Okay, enough with the facetious sarcasm.  Sure, flip-flops can hurt you– if you don’t take care of yourself.  I won’t deny that flip-flops can carry disease, dry out your feet, and cause soreness if you wear them all the time.  So take care of yourself.  Moisturize, exfoliate, and nurture your feet.  Don’t force them into the same pair of shoes every day.  And don’t let your flip-flops become caked with foot gunk– wash them once in a while. But don’t deny yourself the pleasure of slipping into a pair of sandals and strutting around town with your tootsies out in the fresh summer breeze.  Check out Shoefly’s selection of sandals today.

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Top photo by {meagen}.


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