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August 11th, 2009

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Poolside Sandals

feet at poolAh, August.  The month of hot dog cookouts, backyard barbecues, and poolside antics.  Speaking of poolside antics, have you had enough this year?  If you’ve been spending too much time in the office, perhaps it’s time to schedule a staycation and slip into a frisky set of sandals.  Here are a few tips to help you find a pair of sandals that will catch the smoky eyes of that lifeguard you’ve been dreaming about.

1.  Fit, Fit, Fit. Realtors are well known for their oft-repeated mantra of “Location, location, location.” The corresponding rule for shoes would be “Fit, fit, fit.”  I mean, if a pair of sandals doesn’t fit, you won’t look forward to wearing them.  You’ll be in pain when you should be in fashionista heaven.  And no one likes to see pinching or bulging skin.  So, choose sandals that are slightly larger than your feet.  They shouldn’t hurt at all.  If you can, come on by one of our stores to get the best fit possible.

2.  Strappy Metallics. It only takes two words to describe this season’s hottest sandals:  strappy and metallics. If you want to look like part of the in-crowd, find a pair of shiny, happy, strappy sandals. Gladiator sandals are still hot, too, so if the burnished look is too much for you, go gladiator instead.

3. Think about where you’ll wear them. I know, sometimes you stumble upon a pair of shoes that demands your wallet’s full commitment.  But you can save yourself some unused-shoes-heartache by meditating on what you want before you go shopping.  Where will you use these shoes?  Are there any poolside dances in your future?  A low heel will help with those twists.  Or are you just looking for something to slide in and out of as the sand gets too hot to walk on?  If so, a flip-flop will suffice.

4.  Consider Quality. Too often, people buy those $6 foam sandals one sees at the grocery store or gas station.  This is an impulse buy that should be avoided for several reasons.  First, such sandals are typically of very low quality, and are likely to fall apart.  Second, it’s not environmentally aware to buy a new pair of (crappy) sandals every summer.  Better to buy one good pair and use them for three or four years (and then recycle or donate them when they’re worn out).

5.  If you’ll be on your feet, look for adjustable straps. Are you looking for a pair of sandals to wear to work?  If you’re going to be on your feet for hours, you’ll want a supportive pair of sandals with adjustable straps.  That way, you can improve your fit as needed, which will help minimize blistering and other pedi-pain.

This is the perfect time to look for sale sandals, since retailers are clearing out for back-to-school styles.  Here at Shoefly, we’re having a 30% off sale!  All of our shoes are already marked way down below designer prices, so taking an additional 30% off means that you’ll find some downright decent prices.  Check out our sandal selection now– and remember, you’ll get an extra 30% off at checkout!

Top photo by Nazarite Ninja.


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