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July 23rd, 2009

Perfect Picnic Shoes

Happy National Picnic Month!  Picnics are more than just an opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy good times with friends and/or coworkers.  With Americans weighing more than ever, I propose that picnics are a naturally enjoyable way to slim down.  First, the fact that you’ll pack your lunch beforehand improves the chances that you’ll get a well-balanced meal.  (Also:  it’s hard to find a drive-through on the trail.)  Second, you’ll have to walk or hike  somewhere before you eat– meaning you’ll burn off at least a few calories.  Finally, if you’re like me, you’ll be more motivated to get in shape if your picnic companions notice a wheezing sound emanating from your cherry red face as you stumble up the trail.  Still, even if your body isn’t exactly your ideal shape, there’s no reason you can’t look good on the picnic path.  To encourage all Shoefly readers to get out there and dine al fresco, I’m featuring shoes that are great choices for any picnic, along with a few footgear tips to make your next picnic the best ever.

1.  Opt for Cute Comfort. Cori by Tsubo (shown at left) is a great picnic shoe, since it’s sporty enough for basic hikes and cute enough to attract your picnic partners’ attention.  (FYI, romantic picnic encounters also burn extra calories.)  Choose comfortable, supportive shoes that you have worn before to avoid creating blisters.  Remember, nothing ruins a picnic like aching feet–or a whiny companion.

2.  Strappy is Good. The company picnic may be the one time of the year when sandals are actually encouraged.  To keep your feet happy regardless of your picnic activities, choose strappy sandals that will provide enough support for your ankles and feet.  Velcro straps are ideal.  The ON1201 by One of Two (at right) has a slightly professional air about it, but it looks ready for summertime fun.  It could be your best bet for your next company outing.

3. Prepare for Your Adventure. Do you plan to pick berries at your destination?  Or will you participate in a raucous, energetic game of freeze tag? Consider your picnic activities as you choose your footwear.  Perforated or mesh shoes will help keep your feet dry and cool as you play.  Lace-up shoes usually offer better support for popular picnic spot sports.  Maia by Tsubo (at left) has you covered, with air channels to increase circulation and a flexible rubber sole to increase mobility.

Top photo by Mykl Roventine.


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