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July 4th, 2009

How to Emulate Sarah Palin’s Shoe Style

Is Sarah Palin’s resignation a sign that she’ll run for the presidency in 2012, or does she just need a break from the media circus that is the Republican party these days?  There’s no way to know right now, but either way, we’re likely to see less of the Alaskan spitfire for a few months. As a shoe fetishist, I have to say that I’m going to miss her.  Even if her fashion overhaul was funded by her party, I approve of her taste in shoes.  Sarah’s shoe choices mirror her personality– she likes to be polished and powerfully in control.

As Ms. Palin steps out of the spotlight (and perhaps moves backstage to produce her next big political number), I have a few style tips for those who would like to emulate her shoe style:

  1. If you possibly can, wear heels. Ms. Palin maintains a flirty feminine style, even when debating the “big boys.”
  2. Red=power.  You like power, right?  Then don some red heels.  No one can deny the power of a pair of red stilettos. (As more women run for president, I’m sure that such maxims will appear in Political Science textbooks alongside patterns regarding male height and victory.)
  3. Peep-toe heels with buckles and other adornments are a good idea– as long as your French manicure is spot-on.
  4. If you can’t wear red pumps, select black pumps.
  5. Look for skinny, pencil-thick heels, rounded toes, and significant height.  (Those Miss Alaska runway walks sure prepared Sarah well for her political appearances. Say what you will about her preparation otherwise, but you must admit that the woman knows how to walk in a pair of heels– which is definitely a skill in and of itself.)

Here are a few Shoefly selections that I believe the formal governor of Alaska would approve of.

5262-1 by Dolce Vita

5262-1 by Dolce Vita

Power 5259 by Charles David

Power 5259 by Charles David

Ronda by DELMAN

Ronda by DELMAN

Happy Independence Day to all Shoefly mavericks!

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