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July 3rd, 2009

Fashion Tips For a Stunning Fourth of July

The Fourth of July spawns more eye-crossing, headache-inducing fashion faux pas than any other jubilee, if you ask me.  Sure, certain people don matching symbols for every holiday.  Christmas-time brings reindeer monstrosities, the return to school signals the return of pencils and crayons as decorative motifs, and don’t even get me started on Halloween. But when the carefree summer attitude combines with our especially busy flag design, disaster strikes for many would-be Independence Day divas. Remember:  everyone else knows it’s the Fourth of July. Your shirt does not have to remind them of that fact.  Still, I appreciate wanting to be in the holiday moment– I used to be an elementary school teacher, after all.  And so, I bring you a few tips for making sure your Fourth of July outfit isn’t a dud.

1.  Avoid Prepackaged Crap. Save yourself a case of buyer’s guilt– avoid the holiday-specific aisles.  If you simply must dress by the date, haul out the puffy paints and create your own zealously patriotic design.  At least that way you won’t look like every other Walmart shopper.

2. Let the Stars and Stripes Shine Subtly. Your outfit does not have to be a fireworks display of patriotism.  Why not clasp a navy scarf with a star brooch?  Or wear American flag socks?  (Check out these dazzling stars and stripes socks from Sock Dreams.) Choices like these let you get into the Fourth– without feeling underwhelmed as you gaze into your closet on the fifth. The Fourth of July is a great holiday for fashion nuance– the fireworks will be loud enough without your ensemble entering the fray.

3. Consider the Range of Reds, Whites, and Blues. Against a sea of traditional cherry red/royal blue designs, a maroon/navy palette will come off as refreshingly appropriate.  Canvas, silver, and cosmic latte are more way more interesting than white– and interesting is definitely an American trait.

Finally, wear comfortable shoes. The joy of celebrating in a crowd of proud Americans will be overshadowed by your foot pain if you’re not careful to select a supportive pair.  Here are a few options from the Shoefly collection:

Top photo by BL1961.


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