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June 19th, 2009

Shoes for the Office and Beyond

On these long summer days, it’s imperative to have versatile footwear.  After all, you never know when a Tweet or Facebook status update will clue you into a super-hip after-hours event.  Rather than carry around your clubbing shoes, why not marry work and play in a single pair of kicks?  I have a few tips for finding the perfect pair of shoes to transverse your roles as laborer and party animal:

  1. They must be killer. (This is really rule #1 for all shoe shopping, if you ask me.)  No grannie peddies allowed.
  2. They must be comfortable. Search for shoes that will keep you energized enough throughout the day to allow you to dance all night.
  3. They must be professional. Avoid shoes that will make your boss think that partying is all you do.

Here are five fabulous Shoefly shoes that meet my criteria for cross-living shoes:

1.  Imelda by Jeffrey Campbell. Office meeting?  Check.  Tango dance? Check.  Why not wear these shoes to both?

Imelda by Jeffrey Campbell

Imelda by Jeffrey Campbell

2.  ON1176 by One of Two. This shoe’s secret weapon is the heel.  It’s so chunkalicious, it’s almost a wedge, which translates into happy feet all day long.  Plus, the double Mary Jane strap is irresistible.

ON1176 by One of Two

ON1176 by One of Two

3.  E115 by Le Petite Sperone.  The E115 is a hybrid kitten heel-wedge from the future.  Its subtle copper luminescence is bound to dazzle all earthlings you encounter– from your boss on down to your beau.

E115 by Le Petit Sperone

E115 by Le Petit Sperone

4.  Eel Wedge by All Black. Mrow! This is the shoe equivalent of a sassy cat noise.  Sassy is an attribute that I believe fits equally well in the boardroom and on the dance floor.  And you won’t be caterwauling in pain at the end of it all, thanks to elastic along the sides, forming this shoe to your foot.

Eel Wedge by All Black

5. ON1215 by One of Two. It’s an oxford! It’s a pump!  No, it’s the ON1215, which defies categorization, just like you.

ON1215 by One of Two

ON1215 by One of Two

Top photo by Helga Webber.


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