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June 14th, 2009

Shoe Shopping Tips

LadonnaI came across this article the other day about tips for shoe shopping. Normally, I’m skeptical of these types of articles since most anybody can offer a few general pointers that end up sounding more like common sense that legitimate suggestions. I was surprised, however, to find the author really did her research, including visiting a podiatrist for some expert advice. As a result, she came away with some pretty handy tips that even an old shoe-shopping pro like myself thought useful. Here’s a taste of what you should be aware of the next time your shopping for that perfect pair of soles, courtesy Rosalie Robles Crowe:

You have to know your feet, intimately. Just how high are your arches? Do you have short toes? What exactly is an instep? Additionally, she recommends having both feet measured every time you buy shoes because feet can change with age, weight, and other factors.

Sizes differ by the manufacturer. So your Sam Edelmans might not fit the same as your Franco Sartos.

Shoes don’t stretch. If they don’t feel comfortable at the time of purchase, they probably never will. Don’t believe what the salesperson tells you about “working them in.”

Feet expand. It’s true. This means that the best time to try shoes on is after you’ve been on them all day.

For more great tips on purchasing shoes, read the rest of Crowe’s piece and peruse our site. Here are a few particularly helpful posts:

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