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June 4th, 2009

Fashionista Web Recommendations:

Do you ever get sick of seeing at those twiggy, unreal models in the glossies? I do. Don’t get me wrong—I love fashion.  I crave the mix of creativity, confidence, and pure poetry that an especially inspired ensemble offers.  However, I tire of seeing magazine models who don’t look like any real woman I’ve ever seen—and they’re not. Real, I mean. They’re not real. Those images are heavily altered. The body’s natural distinctions—an uneven eyebrow, a crooked tooth, a birthmark—are removed, until all that’s left is an empty image of society’s unrealistic expectations for beauty.

Pow! That first paragraph was a strike against The Man.  Take that, The Man!  Ok, now that I got that feminist tirade out of my system, I have a recommendation for you: is a social networking site for fashionistas.  Visitors can enjoy a buffet of fashion delights– all worn and posted by the real beauties themselves. The ladies on the site look like people I might enjoy chatting up at a summer BBQ– they’re, unique, confident, and completely posh.

Take the Weardrober shown above, Noel Vallens.  With a clever mice belt, swank party dress from H&M, and Seychelles pumps, she’s as stylish as any Milan diva. Also: I’m more likely to buy the items she’s chosen, since I know she’s real.  Unlike those magazine models I ragged on earlier, Noel actually walks around in these clothes.  Seeing a real lady look so fantastic inspires me that to plan a few fashion hijinks of my own.

Surf the wave of Shoefly’s Seychelles offerings to find your own footwear. To learn more about Ms. Valens, visit her blog, The Owls Are Not What They Seem.


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