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June 9th, 2009

Celebrate Your Fashion Freedom with Fabulous Footwear

3012693543_cd4642908d_mAn excellent article on fashion in Baghdad has me feeling blessed to be able to express my inner diva.  In their article, “What Not to Wear, Baghdad-Style: Fashion Rules Begin To Change,” Timothy Williams and Abeer Mohammed provide an excellent overview of just how much has changed in Baghdad in recent years.  After the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, clerics set strict rules about how Iraqi women could dress.  Women who did not wear body-covering, full-length abayas were threatened, kidnapped, or even killed by armed militia members.  As one woman interviewed in the article explained, “Militias did not want women’s bodies to be visible, because they thought it might charm men.” Even women who wore full-sleeve shirts and long slacks were targeted by militia, so women across the city erased themselves into cloak-like abayas. Thankfully, as the city has stabilized in recent months, a small group of young women have been brave enough to exchange their abayas for styles of their own choosing. Mini-skirts and Mary Janes are appearing across the city.

Bianda by CamperI thank Mr. Williams and Mr. Mohammed for their reporting.  Their article helped me remember that freedom of fashion expression is a precious thing.  Sometimes we fashionistas focus so much on the the hottest new styles that we forget how many people are not able to choose what they wear.  Gratitude for my freedom has helped me recognize that the slight ache of foregoing the latest marvelous Monolo is nothing compared to what women in Baghdad endured for years on end. I feel so lucky to live in a place where I get to decide how I dress. so, in celebration of fashion freedom across the globe, I’m featuring my favorite pumps. There is no feeling quite like stepping into a pair of killer heels– and I hope every woman has the freedom to experience that high-heel elation whenever she chooses.

Turn It Up by Naughty Monkey

Turn It Up by Naughty Monkey

Top photo by Peter Klashorst.


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