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May 19th, 2009

Tips for Sexy Summer Calves

I always appreciate my strong, stout calves as a defensive player on the soccer field. Those stable, sturdy legs can kick any ball–or any invading forward–out of my territory. Off the field, I often find myself wishing my legs were just a little bit more svelte. No one will ever compliment me on having thin stems, that’s for sure. Thankfully, even my Rubens-esque gams can still turn heads, as long as I use a few fashion tricks, such as wearing mono-chromatic outfits to make my legs seem longer. In her book Great Legs! Every Girl’s Guide to Healthy, Sexy, Strong Legs, Jane Merrill offers great suggestions for making any set of calves look fabulous.  Here are a few of her tips.

To make wide calves look skinnier:

  • Choose solid tights in dark tones. Fishnet and other designs make calves look wider.  (I’m growling a little over that one.  I’m not going to stop wearing the fishnets, even if they make my legs look wider than the Pacific.)
  • Opt for skirts at the mid-calf or knee, and choose straight cuts over pleats or full skirts.
  • Wear heels, which serve to visually elongate the calf.  Wedges and platforms work too– just make sure they don’t make your ankles look too chunky.

To make skinny calves look wider:

  • Wear lighter-toned stockings and tights.  Fishnets and other designed stockings are a great idea, since they make your calves seem bigger. (Lucky!)
  • Choose skirts that are cut at or just above the knee.
  • Avoid wearing dark tights and a mini-skirt, especially if it makes your thin legs look like poles.
  • Opt for flats, which make the calf appear bigger.

Heels with a medium height are flattering for nearly any body type, so today I’ve selected a fun mid-height heel that’s perfect for summer: BV1835 by Biviel, shown at top. Scalloped edges, perforated details, and a toe-bow make this vintage-inspired heel flattering for any pair of calves.

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