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May 15th, 2009

The Five Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Jessica Joyner, like many women, once dreaded opening her closet to search for that perfect pair of shoes. It didn’t matter if she was going to work, to a social engagement, or just to relax — choosing the right shoe from amidst a plethora of possibilities gave her a headache. That is, until she discovered the secret to shoe selection. If you want the skinny on her top five shoes every woman should own, read on.

Ada by FryeFlats: comfort and versatility. ”There’s no easier way to dress down a dress, or class up a pair of jeans than by pairing them with cute flats,” writes Joyner. “They are an excellent staple to have in any shoe closet.”

Heels: confidence and femininity. In addition to looking great with a dress or skirt, Joyner says heels are perfect for dressing up jeans for a night out.

Boots: strength and style. Joyner recommends heels, flats, and wedges. “Heeled boots are perfect for the office, flats are great for running errands, and wedges are super comfy and look cool with just about any outfit,” she says.

Wedges: warmth and flexibility. Joyner says wedges are the perfect “in-between” shoe: “They offer the height of heels but with the casual vibe of flats. And they’re often more appropriate than heels since they can usually be worn with shorts and miniskirts without looking trashy.”

[Insert your favorite shoe here]: pride and personality. Joyner goes out on a limb and says to wear the shoes that make you feel the most confident, comfortable, and sexy. How you look and how you feel are closely related — if you feel good, you’ll look good.

And there you have it. Stock your closet with these shoes, and fret no more!


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