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May 11th, 2009

How to Pick Summer Shoes To Flatter Your Feet

Summer is coming!  If you’re like me, my feet are aching to kick off their puritanical coverings in favor of well-aerated sandals, espadrilles, and peep-toe pumps.  (Ideally, these shoes would easily slide off for instant barefoot gratification whenever the whim to feel grass between my toes strikes.)  Because summer shoe styles don’t have to provide a barrier against snow, rain and sleep, they offer more design options.  Will you go for mule kitten heels, lace-up-the-leg espadrilles, or strappy gladiator sandals with three inch heels?  Let your decision be influenced principally by your own body.  Here are a few tips for selecting summer shoes to flatter your feet, legs, and general body type.

Match shoe style to your foot’s size. Have you ever seen a petite woman tromping around in platform combat boots?  If so, it probably struck you as unbalanced.  If you have small, dainty feet, choose small, dainty styles.  Straps, kitten heels, and skinny sandals will flatter and balance small feet. Chunky styles with platforms or thick soles will flatter and balance larger feet and thicker ankles. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy the latest style just because it’s the latest style.  Make sure it also flatters your feet.

Wide straps make feet look wider, so if you’re looking for a slimming effect, don’t choose styles with wide straps

BV2009 by Biviel

BV2009 by Biviel

across the foot.  (Personally, I like my wide, stable feet, so I’m all up for thick straps.)

Ankle straps make legs look shorter, so if you want to look taller, don’t wear them.  (Coincidentally, I also like being short.  I may be the only one in the world that feels that way, however, especially since all runway models seem to tower over every guy around them.)

Make sure you have a good fit. Don’t settle for letting your toes or heels spill over the sides of your chic new summer kicks.  Not are poorly fitting shoes visually unattractive; they’re also less supportive.  If your new shoes dig into your skin and pinch your tootsies, they’ll be too uncomfortable to wear for long summer days anyway.  Make sure your summer shoes are comfortable so that they can shine all day long.

Get a pedicure, or at least make sure that your feet are moisturized and well groomed.  Your toenails should be clean  and neatly trimmed.  Make sure you’re giving the world a beautiful sight when you unveil your summer feet by taking good care of them.

Top photo by SeanJ. Via The Clothing Chronicles.


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