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May 13th, 2009

How To Pick Flattering Colors for Summer Shoes

BV1893 by Biviel

BV1893 by Biviel

Summer’s bright colors and crazy-fun styles can be overwhelming.  We’ve already covered how to select summer shoe styles to flatter your body type, but what about color? Color is perhaps the first thing we notice about a pair of shoes, so it’s important to find shades that compliment your skin tone and body type.  Here are a few tips to help you find flattering colors for your summer shoes:

Flesh tones elongate the leg, and make the wearer appear taller. This is the ice skater principle.  Why else would their skates match their skin tone?  They know that skin tones work to visually extend the leg, lending a little more elegance to every triple Salchow.

Match colors to look taller. Colors chop up the body visually, so if you want to look taller, try matching a single color or family of tones throughout your outfit.  Matching your shoe tone to the color of your slacks or skirt will make you seem taller.

Mix colors to look more petite. The opposite of the previous rule is also true.  If you want to appear shorter, split up your outfit with different colors.  A new and/or flashy color serves to draw attention to that section of the body, so wear accent colors where you want to draw eyes. (Maybe you’d like to draw attention to that new pedicure?)

Consider your skin tone. You’re probably already aware that certain colors make you look vibrant, while others make you look slightly sick. If your mom’s like my mom, she taught you long ago to hold up any new piece of clothing against your face, and notice the effect.  Some people group skin tones into different “seasons,” with those with “winter” complexions shining in bright colors and “springs” being best served by pastels and lighter colors. For me, the bottom line is that you should avoid colors that make you–or your feet–look pale or ill.

Via The Clothing Chronicles.


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