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May 5th, 2009

How to Make Aggressive Shoes Comfortable

The Aggressive Shoe trend is sweeping the globe, as we’ve been covering for the past couple of days here at Shoeflyer.  Thanks to our last two posts, you know what an Agro-Shoe looks like and how to select appropriate Aggressive Shoes for work.  Only one question remains:  How can you make those punk-chick shoes comfortable?  According to Miley Cyrus’ stylist Tara Swennen, “Everything is gravitating toward an architectural design. They’re harder on the feet, but the designs are amazing with extravagant details and interesting materials.”  Here are a couple of ways to make your Aggressive Shoes as kind to your feet as they are to your eyes:

  • Choose Lower Heels. The easiest way to make high heels comfortable is to opt for lower heels.  This is a good idea if you know you’ll be wearing a certain pair for many hours on end.  After all, padding can only go so far, and the human foot isn’t really built to be on tip-toe all day.
  • Find Aggressive Shoes With Wedges, Espadrilles, or Kitten Heels. These types of shoes offer height without sacrificing on style.
  • Choose a Snug (Not Tight) Fit. If your shoes are too tight, they’ll cut off circulation.  If they’re too loose, they’ll rub against your skin, potentially causing blisters.  Aim for a fit that provides a happy medium. If you’re in a shoe store, ask to be fitted.  Shoe size changes over a person’s lifetime and according to brand, so don’t assume that you’re the same size you’ve always been. (And try to let go of that societal rumor that larger feet aren’t sexy– they are!)
  • Use Cushions. Shock-absorbing cushions, especially in the toe, can help make Aggressive Shoes with high heels more comfortable.
  • Look for Rounded Toes. Pointy-toed shoes cut off circulation in the toes.  You’ll certainly feel a pinch after a day in shoes that end in a sharp point.
  • Buy High-Quality Shoes. Real leather, strong construction, and built-in padding make higher-end shoes worth their higher price over the long run.

I’m featuring the Catarina by Kelsi Dagger (above), an Aggressive Shoe that is sure to make your soles purr.  This is my favorite solution of all: wear flats.  Years of working in a shoe store taught me the hazards of wearing heels.  Fortunately, I don’t have to compromise on style for comfort, as the Catarina proves.


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