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May 14th, 2009

Do your shoes have stories?

journalIf your shoes could speak, what would they say? Better yet, if your shoes could tell stories, which ones would we hear?

It appears that an upcoming New England art exhibition featuring shoes will attempt to answer these questions for us. The exhibition is called “The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories” and hopes to explore the cultural meanings of shoes. While the exhibit sounds intriguing and quite possibly enlightening, the initial concept of “shoes as works of art” brings a few questions to mind that I’ve never necessarily considered regarding footwear.

For instance, imagine your shoes as a work of art. What do they say about the designer/artist? What stories do your shoes tell? What message do they send to people who see them? These are not normally questions we pose to ourselves when purchasing a pair of shoes, much less when we debate on which pair to wear any given day. But what if we started each day asking ourselves, “what story do I want to tell today?” or if we asked, “what do I want to communicate?” before we bought that next pair of shoes?

Just food for thought as your next shoe decision comes along.

The shoe show is said to contain 120 pieces of art by 100 artists from the United States, Canada, and Israel, and it will premiere at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts. After premiering in Brockton, the exhibition will continue on to visit other cities. According to a local newspaper, Brockton was the largest U.S. producer of shoes during the Civil War and until the mid-1900s was considered the shoe capital of the world. The exhibit begins June 6 and will run until January.

Maybe it’s time for some inspiration.

[pictured: Journal by Franco Sarto]


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