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April 20th, 2009

Carrie: Can I have your shoes and maintain my budget?

Her writing gig and seemingly unlimited credit allowed Carrie Bradshaw to spend $40,000 on shoes, but I must limit my shoe habit to my bank account.  As much as I adore seeing my own feet outfitted in strappy Monolos, I also hate seeing my savings dwindle while my credit card bills rise.  Is there a happy compromise?  Is it possible to satisfy such intense shoe cravings while controlling spending?

Why yes, it is. The economic meltdown has many people saving money by visiting cobblers.  Retro second-hand stores are also back in vogue– after all, you never can tell what vintage heel is lurking around the next rack.  Still, sometimes a girl just needs new shoes.

Fortunately, shopping at Shoefly satisfies my shoe addiction while soothing my pocketbook.  Instead of spending $400 on a pair of shoes like Carrie, I can spend a fourth as much and look and feel adorable.  As an example, check out Pink Studio’s Bradshaws at top.  These lovely, lighthearted pumps convey all of their namesake’s posh vitality– and at a fraction of her typical expense.


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