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April 30th, 2009

Agro-Shoes for the Workplace

Yesterday, we introduced a new player on the worldwide footwear fashion stage: the Aggressive Shoe.  Like many runway styles, the Agro-Shoe looks great on celebrities, models, and paper, but requires a little work to translate into everyday fashion.  If you work in a place that accepts punk-rock shoes with menacing studs, more power to you.  If, however, you must fuse fashion with a professional appearance, you’ll need an Aggressive Shoe that’s slightly less  in-your-face.  You need a subtle way to give it to The Man.  It must be so subtle that The Man might even dole out a compliment or two, completely unaware that what he admires is in fact a sign of secret rebellion.

Okay, maybe I went a little too far into Metaphor Land with that last sentence, but you get the picture.  To lean once more on Samantha Critchell’s AP article on the Aggressive Shoe:

Jennifer Gosselin, vice president and general manager of online shoe store Piperlime, calls the new look a stepped-up gladiator…Women can participate in this look by diving in with both feet or just dipping a toe, Gosselin says. She identifies Matt Bernson’s Barracuda shoe, with its medium-brown leather, double ankle straps, flat heel and pyramid-shaped gold studs as a very accessible, wearable translation of the trend. A peeptoe is a more refined, ladylike version.

‘Earth tones are a less edgy place. A cognac color is for beginners, and full-on black with silver or chrome studs with a high heel is the most edgy and you can take it down from there,’ Gosselin says.

Here are a few moderately mutinous Agro-Shoes from the Shoefly collection for you to wear at the office, family function, or child’s birthday party.  First up: Arch by Faryl Robbin (shown at top).  This retro Agro looks so innocent… until you notice the 3.5″ wedge with studs and flashes of flesh.

A few more for your enjoyment:

Yuki by Faryl Robbin

Yuki by Faryl Robbin

Mandy by Frye

Mandy by Frye

Sheena By Cordani

Sheena By Cordani


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