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March 12th, 2009

Thirteen Thursday: 13 Killer Eggplant-Colored Must-Haves

It’s no surprise that retailers across the country are attempting to lure people into stores with splashes of color. The economic and climactic winter have some designers playing it safe with black, gray, and white, but that can’t last for long–color is just too much fun. Macys’ windows here in downtown Portland proclaim, “Welcome back color,” and feature color schemes of black, white, and one punchy color, like tequila sunrise orange. My favorite grouping shows a lovely swirl of cerulean blue, black, and eggplant. That touch of dark purple eggplant is perfect for the present economic environment—it’s not as irrationally perky as pink or orange, but it still allows a sense of style and mystery into the otherwise basic spring color schemes. And so, in hopes that in some small way this post will lead more designers to feature dark and dusky eggplant tones, here are thirteen examples of hot new eggplant-colored fashion.

1. Nina Ricci’s Eggplant Swirl Gown at Paris Fashion Week.
In his last show for Nina Ricci, designer Olivier Theyskens showcased an amazing eggplant-toned swirling gown of geometric delight. Check it out at FabSugar.

2. Oscar De La Renta’s Dip-Dyed Embroidered Skirt at New York Fashion Week.
De La Renta was one of few color-thriving designers at NY Fashion week this spring. His flowing, vibrantly purple skirt smacks deliciously of spring, don’t you think?

3. Jimmy Choo Erica Ankle Boots.
How the heck did Jimmy Choo know that I love eggplant, shooties, and diagonal stripes? This shoe looks like what the next great intellectual, artsy hipster will wear. As She steps into the vacuum left by Andy Warhol’s departure, lesser beings will ooh and ahh at her powerful, plum-perfect shooties.

4. United Nude Fold Hi Shooties.
A single strip of elastic-comfy material makes up this shootie. I love the Seventies-style array of lines against a woven texture. This shoe is for the eggplant-color lover on the go.

5. Belted Faux Leather Satchel
This bag is so purple punk, I can’t get enough of it. I think this is what Catwoman would take with her for a night on the town.

6. Converse Sequin All-Star Ox Sneakers.
I’ve been waiting for these shoes my whole life. At last! Now that I have the right shoes, I can launch my career into alternative rock superstardom!

7. Vans No Skool 2 sneakers.
Sometimes deep blues and purples are a little too dramatic for sneakers, but the addition of black and eggplant crosses on the sides of these Vans make for a chill overall effect. And all of those little plus signs can only have a positive impact on your mood, n’est pas?

8. Flower Burst Ring from Forever 21.
Say what you will about Forever 21, but they have some downright good deals. This is one of them. Priced lower than a big mac meal, this flower burst ring will perk you up every time you look at it. A mood lift like that is priceless.

9. Eggplant Pearl Wrap Bracelet by Chan Luu.
On the other end of the price scale is this lovely bracelet from LA designer Chan Luu. I love that it wraps up to five times around the wrist, and those gold touches make for a regal effect.

10. Coach Op Art Dot Ponytail Scarf.
I bet you didn’t even know your ponytail needed a scarf! This wrap isn’t meant to keep your precious locks warm—instead of holding heat, it holds attention. All eyes will turn to follow this perky piece of hairwear as you trot happily down springtime avenues.

11. Hand Painted Silk Skull Scarf at Etsy.
Purple and pirates go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? Love it.

12. Cutie Flats by Jeffrey Campbell.
Another joyful union: purple and suede.  The adorable side of purple.

13. Purple Elastic Strap Flats by Dorothy Perkins.
The charming shoe story of how Sporty met Eggplant, Grape, and Alice in Wonderland.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Top photo by Robyn Gallagher.


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One Response to “Thirteen Thursday: 13 Killer Eggplant-Colored Must-Haves”

  1. hilde iren Says:

    Love this post! Great reading : ) and one of my favorite colors
    Have a super weekend!


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