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March 11th, 2009

The Heelless Boot Is a Star at Paris Fashion Week

I thought the heel-free boot was condemned to the footnotes of fashion history after Victoria Beckham couldn’t walk more than thirty feet in them. Judging by the examples at Paris Fashion week, I was wrong. Heelless boots are apparently still in style—at least if you ask designers like Olivier Theyskens. His final show for Nina Ricci had models strutting down the catwalk on their tiptoes, staring stoically straight ahead, probably because their full focus was required to actually walk in those things.

Perhaps this style will become all the rage for those occasions when you know you’ll only walk thirty feet, and you can afford to look good without worrying about boring details like structural viability. Does a catwalk, red carpet, or trip to the mailbox loom in your future? If so, these boots could be for you.

If you happen to do more than that on your feet, you should think twice—or three or four times, even—before buying a pair of heel-free boots. Not only are they likely to wreak havoc on your feet; they also make your arms look ridiculously short, like they’re from some whimsical children’s book illustration. (The short arms in Miss Nelson Is Missing! come to mind.) Artists have marveled at the beauty of human proportions for millennia—but the heelless boot flies in the face of such realistic art, screaming, “I’ll do anything for Fashion! Even if I can’t walk!”

Okay, maybe I’m going a bit overboard here, but you wouldn’t catch me in a pair of these heel-free horrors. I take this as one example of astounding fashion that will probably never make its way to a retail shoe store. I much prefer a set of stable, chic boots like the Thrill-iant shown at right. By Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Thrill-iant offers a full wedge of support, so you’ll be ready to walk off the red carpet, and into the rest of your busy, well-heeled life.

Top photo via Opalescent.


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