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March 25th, 2009

Shoes For Tossing Over Telephone Wires

Chances are, you’ve seen shoefiti before.  From the United States to Peru to Israel to Romania, people all over the world practice “shoe tossing,” i.e. throwing shoes over telephone wires.  Just what does it mean when you spot sneakers or boots dangling from their laces?  Explanations for shoe flinging are as wide ranging as diverse as the flingers themselves.  If you ask a boy scout, he’ll say shoe flinging is part of summer camp.  Someone who lives in the inner city would likely have a very different response.  Shoes hanging from a wire are said to represent:

  • A location where drugs are sold.  (In this case, the danging shoes are sometimes labeled “crack tennies.”)
  • Gang territory, or the location of a gang-related murder.  (This supposed correlation lead city and utility employees to launch a program to remove such shoefiti in Los Angeles.)
  • Rites of passage, such as the end of the school year or an approaching marriage.
  • Protection against ghosts.

Whatever your reason for tossing shoes, make it meaningful.  Don’t just toss your shoes over a line because you’re done with them.  Here are a few of the best Shoefly shoes to toss over a line… but enjoy wearing them first!

Diva by 80/20

Toss these to say goodbye to innocence: Diva by 80/20.

For the righteous shoe tosser

For the righteous shoe tosser: BV1627 by Biviel.

The classiest toss I know.

The classy toss: Jingle by Penguin.

Top photo by Lachlan Hardy.


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