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February 26th, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Styles for Spring

Spring is in the air, and here in the Northwest, people are suffering from the Spring Ache, a locale-specific cousinGlitter Flat by All Black at Shoefly to Spring Fever. Spring Ache often strikes in February, as bulbs start to poke through soaked soil. If you’re longing for blossoms to bloom and skies to clear, you’re experiencing the Spring Ache.  After spending last summer in perpetually sunny Reno, I have an especially bad case of Spring Ache this year. Fortunately, I know of several cures for this seasonal malady. My favorite: FASHION. And with NY Fashion week just behind us, designers are pumping out new styles faster than you can say daffodil.

Here are Thirteen Spring Styles to prepare your closet for balmy weather.

1. Bohemian Chic. Paisley, flowing dresses, and slightly mismatched but incredibly comfy forms are back.  Totally far out, man.  I love the politics of the 60s– why not the style?

2. Subtle Metallics. Metallic styles have been going strong since last summer, when gladiator sandals started their trip to the top of the shoe trend pile.  This spring, metallics will be more subtle than they were last fall.  Add a little Spring Shimmer to your wardrobe.

3. Creative Ruffles. Playful ruffles are always a good idea in Spring, when they can attract a gentleman’s eye in the gentle vernal breeze. Caroline Herrera showcased ruffles in her Spring/Summer 09 collection.  Ruffles softened Herrera’s sometimes edgy, dark color scheme.

4. Shoulder Pads. Or At least shoulder attention.  Marc Jacobs and other designers broke out the geometric shoulder designs at NY Fashion Week.  Don’t do shoulder pads if you don’t like them– just find another way to show off your shapely shoulders instead. Asymmetrical neck lines are a great alternative.

5. Unique High Heels. What first surfaced in Manhattan is now nearing the mainstream:  very high and very strange heels are all the rage this spring.  If you see a high heel in the form of anything else, like a heel that looks like a pistol shooting into the earth, snag it up.  If you’re brave and balanced, that is.

6. Trench Coats. Why not?  They’re practical and they make me feel like a spy.  Plus, designers like Tommy Hilfiger are cutting suave trench coats out of posh materials like silk and satin.  If you’re certain a trenchcoat can’t be sexy, just think “Casablanca.”

7. Black and White.  Always class acts, black and white are one of the universal themes for this spring.  Perhaps designers are avoiding bright colors due to the dismal economy.  Fortunately, variations are included:  try graceful grays and creams to add interest.

8.  Punk Rock Edges. Slashed leggings, zippers, and subtle spikes are all in this spring.

9.  The Nineties. Blossom would be thrilled to see the return of bright floral prints and bike shorts.  Perhaps designers are returning to the era that brought us New Kids On The Block because it was also the era that brought us out of the recession of the ’80s.

10. Dresses. From ’60s style shifts to bandage dresses, the dress is the thing this spring.  What better season to savor freedom from restrictive pants?

11. Ripped Denim and Boyfriend Jeans. If you’re planning to rip up your own jeans, plan your tears for maximum sexiness.  And if your boyfriend doesn’t mind, borrow his jeans, roll them up at the bottom, and bottom it off with a pair of heeled gladiator sandals or glittery ballet flats like the Glitter Flats shown above, by All Black.

12. Yellow.  Designers are splashing sunny shades of yellow to brighten up the black and white basics.  According to Pantone, the color of the year is Mimosa yellow.  Doesn’t that sound yummy?

13. Fringe. Consider the appeal of sexy flapper dresses and you’ll find yourself dolling up like you’re on the way to a party at Gatsby’s place.  Fringes are in this spring.

A note about the title: I don’t know if there’s an official term for actually liking and even craving the number 13. If so, it could describe me, too. I was inspired by HappyToBe@Home’s Thursday Thirteen lists. Brilliant! Thursday is the perfect day for lists, and I love the number 13. And alliteration is always a good idea, right? Look for more Shoeflyer Thursday Thirteen lists soon.


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One Response to “Thursday Thirteen: 13 Styles for Spring”

  1. Kate Says:

    Great list. I get excited every time I see Bohemian Chic anywhere since that’s pretty much my everyday style, whether it’s in style or not!

    And a return to the 90s? I wonder if I’ll be able to get some use out of those Z. Cavaricci’s I wore in high school?

    Thanks for joining T13 with us! I can’t wait to read more of your lists.


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