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January 27th, 2009

Tuesday Shoes: Chic Work Pumps and Playful Freelance Flats

Yesterday’s post got me thinking: does anyone else associate shoe styles with certain days of the week? Yesterday, I proposed that high-tops and sneakers are perfect Sunday shoes, since they’re comfy, cute, and relaxed. I’m skipping Monday because no one likes Monday anyway. What about Tuesday? Are there certain shoes that were meant to be worn on Tuesdays?

For those who must work today, I submit Monique by Joy Chen as the perfect Tuesday shoes. They’re the ideal combination of “Yes, boss, I’m reliable and dedicated to my work” and “I have a life style of my own, quite separate from this cubicle.” The high heel will help you recall those crazy moments of the weekend, while the elegant cream tone exudes a quiet air of confidence.

For the freelancers, self-employed, and just plain rich who don’t have to slave in an office on Tuesdays, I recommend these shoes by Cinnamon Girl Creations at Zazzle:

I love that these Tuesday Shoes show a smiling face. Everyone needs that when you’re still four days away from the weekend. The Prism Pink stitching is a playful touch, as is the polka-dot pattern in back. These are pretty hip shoes.

I’ll sign off with lyrics from Australian rock group Trial Kennedy‘s oh-so-relevantly titled song, “Tuesday Shoes.” I don’t claim to understand the whole song, but one line strikes me as especially true of any working Tuesday: “All of what you own, you get alone.” I interpret that as saying that you don’t really own your own existence until you get out there and work to make your dreams come true. That may be an awfully optimistic take on a rock song, but I hope it helps you get through the day.


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