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January 29th, 2009

Shoes of the Week: Weird Thursday

Thursday is a very strange day, indeed. If you’re like me, you head home after work and find every attempt to stay productive thwarted by your own favorite distractions. The weekend is so tantalizingly close that it becomes difficult to do the simplest chores, like paying the phone bill. Why do such menial tasks when the weekend is just hours away?

One of the best ways I know to combat Thursday slacker syndrome is to wear something funky and unexpected. So you’re stuck working. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress like a barcode. Spice up your wardrobe on Thursdays and you might find some of that weekend-induced ADD slipping away.

Here are a couple Thursday shoes to help you shine toward Saturday and Sunday. First, from ashfrost 320 at Zazzle, a nifty flat, aptly named Thursday.

I would like my toes to be sheltered by this bird, helping me fly toward the weekend. And the stripes on the sides represent the bars of the prison that is working for the man. Ok, that might be taking the whole Thursday metaphor a little too far, but I do love this shoe’s design. I especially like how the bird is somewhat mechanical, like a steel messenger pigeon. And despite the somewhat dark color scheme, the overall effect is hopeful. Perfect for a Thursday– a little funky, a little subversive. (I know why the freelancing bird sings.)

For your Shoefly selection, I bring you Jeffrey Campell’s Want, shown at top. If a the world’s hippest bandaid fanatic designed a shoe, this would be it. Hence the subtle pattern of tiny polka-dots and chic ace-bandage tie. This shoe also makes me think about the graceful yet tough-as-nails leading ladies of early cinema. Katherine Hepburn’s characters would definitely strap a pair of Wants on. And then she’d march right onto the ballroom floor and waltz all the eligible bachelors (and all of her bosses) right off their feet. You, too, can enjoy the sensation of dancing toward the weekend in such adorable pumps. Bonus: the modest heel will keep your feet happy!

To end with my typical penchant for vaguely relevant YouTube music videos, here’s the video for David Bowie’s “Thursday’s Child”– if you’re dreading one more day of work, at least you’re not old and estranged from your wife. (And if you are old and estranged from your wife, I hope this video provides an ounce of sympathy and a grain of strength.)

PS I hope the fact that Thursday returns every seven days will offset the fact that it’s almost Friday as I’m posting this. Heck, maybe if you splurge and order yerself a pair of Thursday shoes today, you could wear them next Thursday. (I think I just hatched myself a plan.)


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