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January 3rd, 2009

Say Ugg to Cabin Fever

English majors like me have a strange idea that April is the cruelest month, but common sense dictates that January takes the cake. The weather is… still wintery! Surprise. The holidays are over, and everyone goes a little crazy over these dark days. Life is strange when you leave and return to the house in darkness. This is the time of year for reflection, meditation, and any mundane activity to distract from the feeling of being trapped inside a huge cage. Maybe that’s why January is National Hobby Month.

Ugg Dakota moccasins:  Davy Crocket never had it this good.

Ugg Dakota moccasins: Davy Crocket never had it this good.

And as you’re padding around the house, perhaps looking for that tiny screwdriver to tighten your model airplane, you might need something warm to feed the feeling that you’re safe and warm while violent, ruthless storms howl outside. Good thing it’s national soup, oatmeal, and hot tea month as well.

Perfect belly-warming breaks like that require good footwear. Something that will keep your little footsies toasty, even if you have to run to the garage to find that particular shade of cerulean blue. Something that will make your whole indoor day feel luxurious and furry-warm.

Enter Dakota by Ugg. Dakota: Sioux for staggeringly cold. Well, no, but isn’t that a great name for these super-warm indoor-outdoor moccasins? These slippers would keep even Dakotan feet warm. Last time I was in South Dakota for Christmas, it was twenty-five degrees below zero, so that’s no small feet, er… feat. (Such cheesy humor is the only way I made it through that staggering cold without going all “Here’s Johnny!” on my dear old Rapid City grandparents.)

In short, say Ugg to cabin fever and enjoy a January of pure creative delight.


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