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January 1st, 2009

Comfortable with Uncertainty in 2009

Cutest galoshes ever.

I’m taking an anti-year-in-review stand. There are enough “Shoe Trends of 2008” posts out there to satisfy the biggest shoe addict. And besides, if you’re interested enough in footwear to read shoe blogs, you already know what happened this year: gladiator sandals, bright colors, high heels, jewels, chains, and the shootie. So, instead of lingering over the past, let’s get moving toward the future.

Cutest galoshes ever.

One of my resolutions this year is to be more prepared. If nothing else, 2008 taught us that the unexpected is always possible. Last year ushered a new race into the white house, and a new menacing uncertainty into our financial outlook. But worrying about what might happen doesn’t do a thing to change the future; only action can do that. This year, rather than worrying, I will be prepared enough to see uncertainty as exciting, energizing, and full of opportunity.

Lest you were beginning to doubt the relevance of this blog post, have no fear: here’s where I steer this ship back to shoeland. It may sound silly, but having the right shoes can make or break your day, especially here in the Northwest. There have been so many days where my grumpiness can be traced to my feet– days when the sun doesn’t shine, and my lily white Portlander toes are pruney with residual, marrow-chilling moisture. I’m going to stare defiantly into the face of unexpected, nasty weather this year with one smart purchase: a trusty pair of galoshes.

And I think I’ve found the perfect pair. Check out the Splash boots shown above. They’re so cute, I could wear them with nearly anything. They’re on sale. And they even have a rosy design– perfect for bringing on a rosy outlook here in the Rose City.

At this rate, 2009 should be a banner year for this Shoeista.


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