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January 17th, 2009

Art Shoes #4: A-Muse-ing Shoes

Most readers are probably in agreement that shoes are an art form in and of themselves. Today we’ll explore shoes in as subjects in the visual arts. A true artist can evoke a new appreciation for a pair of shoes you wouldn’t have looked at twice. For instance, where we might only see well-worn pair of work boots, Van Gogh sees a painting:

Van Gogh’s intense focus on the mundane details of everyday life forces me to imagine the owner of these shoes. What kind of work does he do? Why must he wear such sturdy boots? Is the wearer of these shoes almost as broken and worn as the shoes themselves? I especially like the movement-lines on the right side– perhaps, like the wearer, these shoes are most beautiful when they’re put to work.

Andy Warhol also found shoes worthy of portraiture:

In fact, Warhol’s career can be traced to his shoe drawings. Before he captured the attention of the art world, he employed a blotted-ink drawing technique to create magazine advertising for shoes:

Saturday is the perfect day to tackle such whimsical pursuits as painting. What pair of Shoefly shoes would you paint? I would choose a pair of red Arial wedges by Faryl Robin. In my painting, their fresh-tomato hue and sassy straps would convey a strong, playful personality.

Hungry for further reading? Click here to for see a full slide show on shoes in art.


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