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December 5th, 2008

Shoe Fairy Tales: Puss-in-Boots

Q: What do you get when you mix a broke dude, a uncannily clever cat and a pair of killer boots? A: Today’s Shoe Fairy Tale, “Puss-In-Boots.” This beloved tale has a marvelously modern, lighthearted moral: the boots make the man. Or the cat, apparently.

“Puss-In-Boots” begins with a miller’s youngest son, who inherits nothing but the granary cat. When the poor boy contemplates eating his inheritance, the cat bargains to provide fabulous wealth in exchange for a bag and a pair of boots. Perhaps because cats don’t provide enough meat for sustenance, the boy agrees.

Puss-In-Boots then catches a variety of game, which he stores in his bag and presents to the king from his master, “The Marquis de Carabas.” While in court, the cat learns that the king is hitting the road. Puss-In-Boots convinces the boy to go skinny-dipping, steals his clothes, and cries for help for his drowning master, the Marquis de Carabas. Once the boy is “rescued,” the king cloaks him in finery and welcomes him into the royal coach.

Puss-In-Boots is no slacker, though. He rushes ahead and kills an Ogre who owns the land in the path of the king’s retinue, thereby earning the Ogre’s land and eventually the king’s daughter for his master.

Apparently, these boots were made for Walken. (I can’t believe how many Nancy Sinatra references this blog generates. Blue Eyes are twinkling somewhere in cyberspace.) Check out this clip from a 80s version of Puss-In-Boots featuring Christopher Walken:

This is one Machiavellian feline. Puss-In-Boots knows that flattering others (while looking fabulous!) works every time. He marvels at the ogre’s about his ability to shape-shift, and requests that the ogre take on the shape of a mouse. Turns out Puss-In-Boots is a great mouser, too. Goodbye, Ogre. Hello, kingdom.

Do you have an ogre in desperate need of a swift disposal? Or are you just looking for Puss-In-Boots’ unshakable confidence? Either way, it’s a good idea to step into a pair of Snuggle Ups by Naughty Monkey. Tuck in your super tight, super trendy jeans, toss back your perfect hair, and announce your powerful presence to the world, just like Puss-In-Boots.

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