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December 30th, 2008

Runway Review: Spring 2009 Limi Fieu

Clunky, combat-ready boots stomped all over the runway at the

BV1733 by Biviel

BV1733 by Biviel: Limi goes to the Country

Spring 2009 Limi Fieu show. Perhaps all of the post-apocalyptic video games and thriller movies are influencing fashion? The Limi Fieu show featured chunky white and black boots with little or no heel, many of which were reminiscent of trusty old galoshes. These sturdy, strong boots contrasted nicely with loose, boxy masculine styles hung in flowing feminine fabrics. Some boots really stepped up the tough-factor with strands of chains. Black and white dominated the color palate, and the designer presented plain, elegant designs without anything that could read as celebratory or flippant in these serious economic times.

Several designs featuring simple white dress shirts under flowing dresses or jumpsuits were paired with chunky boots, or for a lighter touch, ballet slippers with wrap-around ribbbons. Every design also incorporated ipods or other systems for personal music players. Although I don’t think a hair-covered set of earwarmers are in my fashion future, I do thank Limi for acknowledging that good design can cleverly hide such unsightly personal digi-candy.

In general, these styles convey a sense of pulling into oneself for introspection. Each model’s face seems to read “pensive.” Now, they could certainly be trained to take on that slightly preoccupied look, but the designer’s strength is in correctly reading the general collective mood, and creating an appropriate response. These clothes say so much. The scrappy boots could even represent the hope and strength at the foundation of the American spirit, even in dark times.

But that’s for Shoe Fashion 401. (They’re all a bit snobbish at those higher class levels, anyway.) The 101 level take-away is that black and white is back, with flowing masculine designs and heavy boots.


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