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November 29th, 2008

Ugly Shoe of the Week: Yoga Punk from Annejet Kosters

Today’s ugly shoe choice: lace-up combat boots fit for an anarchist Egyptian princess. What other climate or lifestyle would allow such silly footwear?

Evidence that experimental does not equal pretty or even wearable.

Evidence that "experimental" does not equal "pretty" or even "wearable."

Designer Annejet Kosters is certainly innovative. Many of her designs border on farcical. Or is that the point? In a culture where celebrities like Victoria Beckham may strut around in heeless thigh-high latex boots for a few photographs before requiring a porter, perhaps Kosters’ designs are only too appropriate. Also: these are in the “experimental” section of Annejet’s site, indicating that they are intended as a playful exploration of our preconceived footwear assumptions.

That doesn’t mean you’d catch me wearing them– mostly because unlike starlets like Beckham, I actually have to walk around on fairly unpleasant surfaces. I love you, Victoria– that was me in the flailing around in the 32nd row at the return to Vegas show, remember? –but those shoes were too much. Just silly, really. They might have worked if you were dating a surrealist painter rather than a football star.

For a posh boot that actually acknowleges gravity, check out the Calto by Vince Camuto, at left. How many trends can one shoe hit? Let us count the fads: it’s a shootie with a metalic/glossy treatment and lovely stitch patterns. This is a great boot for days when your red-carpet dreams are tempered by black-asphault reality.


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