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November 17th, 2008

Shoe Travel Tips: How to Tote Your Cutest Soles

Packing can be torture. If you’re like me, you put it off until the last minute, and then shove everything willy-nilly into the smallest suitcase possible to avoid extra baggage fees. Later, dragging your brick of a suitcase into a hotel room, you kick myself for not being more prepared.

This year will be different. I will lay out my ensembles and match accessories. I will bag my jewelry and vitamins separately. I will NOT freak out because my suitcase zipper has busted in protest of my ridiculous overstuffing. I will be calm, grounded, and fabulous this holiday season.

Here are a few shoe-specific packing tips to make your holiday travels as smooth as ice:

Hit the Showers. Don’t let your shoes get scuffed before you make your entrance: bag them before you pack them. Rather than spending beaucoup hard-earned bucks on shoe bags, get creative. Shower caps are just as effective. Gallon plastic bags, or even plastic grocer’s bags work great, too. At least in this (suit)case, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

Think like a Russian Doll. Everyone already calls you a doll– why not go multicultural and approach life like a nesting Russian doll? Such a viewpoint has definite packing benefits. Think about what can fit inside other items. Can you ball up your socks and put them in your shoes? What else can fit in there? Storing stuff inside shoes before you bag them also helps maintain your shoes’ shape even as cabin pressure varies.

Choose Your Own Adventure. Before you go, think about your planned activities, and choose shoes accordingly. The best travel shoes are comfortable and transition well from a casual afternoon of shopping to evening wining and dining. Flats are a great choice, since they’re popular this season, and they’ll fit well in your pack, too. Don’t forget to pack one “fun” pair for that unforgettable night out on the town.

The Glitter Flat shown above has it all– and a bag of hip seasonal spirit. Gold is in this winter, so you’ll get trend kudos when you waltz into that holiday soiree. Just be sure to protect these beauties on the journey– bag ‘em, people.

Here’s wishing you and yours a sane, organized, peaceful holiday season.


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