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November 24th, 2008

Sensible Shoes For Smart Ladies

David Lee Roth is responsible for today’s MTV shoe video. As you can see, “Sensible Shoes” is a rather strange video. The camera alternates between a licentious crew of partiers and Roth pining around in nipple-high waisted pants, bemoaning how his life should be paradise. He’s funny, he has plenty of “new worlds to discover” in his black book, he’s attractive. Still, he’s lonesome. A gypsy tells him his problem is his footwear– he needs some sensible shoes to direct him back to his true love.

Working women have long relied on such “sensible shoes” to maintain happy feet despite overtime hours on their feet. But such comfy footwear could predict more than sole pleasure. According to a study comparing footwear choice to education levels, women who wear sensible shoes with their career ensembles are smarter. As Camille Chatter writes for Psychology Today, “Women with over four years of a college education were more likely to wear comfortable shoes: 58% of highly educated women chose flats, while only 37% of those with a high school education donned the foot-friendly but aesthetically challenged footgear.”

Refuse to fall into the lamentable majority that ages into frumpiness. Be the rare office kitten who combines sense and style. The Mackenzie by Joy Chen is a great shoe for the office, especially for this season. Shown at right, the MacKenzie combines comfort with the au currant oxford country life look.

To summarize what we’ve learned here, you can have your sensible shoes and look cute too. Lesson #2? Maybe David Lee Roth is a visionary after all. After all, even his high-waisted pants are trendy now, according to In Style.


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