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October 31st, 2008

Shoes for Election Day

Unless you’re in the rising tide of early-voting Americans, next Tuesday could be a doozie.  Many counties are reporting unprecedented voter registration and early turnout– meaning long lines, unfortunately.  Here are a few tips for your trip to the voting booth:

  • Bring water.  No reason waiting in line should lead to dehydration.  You want your skin to be dew-drop fresh when you do your civic duty, right?  Well, drink plenty of H20.  (Bonus points for using your own water bottle, rather than contributing to landfills and high transportation costs by buying and tossing a new plastic bottle.)
  • Get comfy.  Dress in layers, so that you can peel off or pile on depending on the weather.  Live in a lush climate? An umbrella will be the envy of your linemates should the skies open.  Finally, select sensible shoes.  Don’t worry, sensible doesn’t have to equate to hopelessly out of style.  One option:  the Cori, shown above.  With a wedge design, grippy soles, and a soft elastic strap, you’ll be in pedi-heaven when others are in pain. 
  • Bring The Party.  Bring such goodies as folding chairs, snacks, drinks, and music, and you could be the line’s party lifeline.  Make standing in line fun, and you might even influence your fellow voters to think, "Hey, maybe election day should be a national holiday after all!"


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