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October 23rd, 2008

Shoe Decision ’08: The Fashion Road to the White House

Can you judge a man by his shoes?  Well, if you were planning to vote based solely on the candidates’ shoes, you’d be choosing between John McCain’s $520 Ferragamo Italian calfskin leather mocassins and Barak Obama’s hole-ridden loafers. 

McCain has been seen wearing the Ferragamos (left) on campaign stops throughout the summer, from the Livestrong Summit to shopping with a family in Pennsylvania.  Many have criticized his choice to wear such expensive shoes while speaking to less fortunate voters.  Some have even questioned whether his shoe choice is an indication of just how out of touch McCain is from the middle class.

Obama, on the other hand, has been photographed with holes in the soles of his1062247728_f0769eda9f_m
shoes.  I haven’t found too many other references to his footwear, so here’s a photo showing Obama 
"Walking a Day in the Shoes" of SEIU member Pauline Beck, from SIEU International’s Flickr site:

If we zoom in using the magic of Photoshop, here’s what the shoes look like:
Not bad, eh?  In this instance, McCain seems to have outspent Obama, even if that’s not possible in other areas of the campaign (like advertising). 

Anyone know what kind of shoes these are?  And if so, what do Obama’s shoes say about him, if such correlations can be made?

Of course, if these questions are just too much for you, and you’d rather just buy the shoes showing off your fave candidate, Zazzle and other sites have a plethora of pedi-statements sure to please every voter.  I’m inclined to maintain my shoe-journalist neutreality, and go for the "VOTE" shoes.  That’s a fashion statement everyone can appreciate.


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