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August 14th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Iride-sense

So, remember those pants in the early 90’s which changed colors
depending on how the light hit them?  They changed from purple to blue
to red, or green to yellow to blue.  I remember working in men’s youth
at a department store during high school when these came in full
athletic suits, (which were hideous),  and were all the rage, (yes, I
know I am dating myself).  They even made cars painted with this same
iridescent sheen which still sneak out of the woodwork every now and
again, (I bet you those folks are shooting  themselves in the foot for
picking out that um, “timeless” paint job back in the day).  So why is
it okay to bring this um, “style” back in today’s day in age? Is it
only because the label “Kate Spade” is harness across the front of the
bag?  And why do I of all people sort of like the ugly little braided
handled purse?  I mean, it is ugly in an endearing sort of way.  Why am
I trying to rationalize this appeal…Untitled1


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