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June 19th, 2008

Teen scene—finding your style groove!

Here is some advice from Teen Fashion columnist Casey—enjoy!

Find your style groove

Style is important. You can tell a lot by the way someone dresses, like how they
feel about themselves, view themselves, and how much confidence they have in themselves.

Find a look, a style, a trademark. Show your
personality through the way you dress, instead of just putting on any old thing. You have
standards for the food you eat, the guys you date, and the things you do, so why not have
standards for the way you dress? Start with this: If it makes you feel and look good, wear

Do you have a favorite outfit? One that you wear when
nothing else feels good or looks right?

Find out what’s so special about it. Whatever the
reasons are, fill your closet with clothes that make you feel good for the same reason.

Even if you aren’t picture perfect, the way you
dress can really improve your whole "look."

1. If you don’t wear a size six, don’t
worry! Who wants to be just average anyway? Be proud of your size! Wear a size two?
Excellent! Wear a size twelve? Awesome!

2. Now learn how to dress for your body. You’re the only one who knows what
comfortable in so be the judge. Think about this: Brilliant eyes? Wear a color that
complements them. If you love your legs, stock up on mini skirts and short shorts. If you
have great arms, invest in a couple cute tanks. Have noteworthy abs? Don’t be afraid to
wear a belly-baring top! Proud of your chest? Wear a flattering camisole or halter.

3. When you look in a mirror try this little trick: Every time you look, think of one
positive thing about your appearance. It can be anything, as long as it’s positive.
The hard part? For any negative thoughts about yourself, you must think of two great
things! This takes a little will power your part!

4. Develop a style like no one else, but make sure it’s "you". Don’t
just wear one designer or style of clothing exclusively. Mix and match to your own liking.
Vintage and prep. Athletic and trendy. Whatever you like! So what if people talk about it.
You’re you and you will be forever!

5. Don’t dress like a nobody. Stand out a little. Don’t ever settle for
ordinary! You’re chic. You’re fabulous. You’re you! There is no one else in this
world as fab as you are in your own ways. So dress with lots and lots of personality!

Good luck for developing a style that you’re proud of!


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