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April 9th, 2008

In Jamie’s Shoes: Dress conundrums

It seems as though about this time every year there is something in the air that summons me to talk about the fast-approaching time we like to refer to as "wedding season."  Ah, sweet wedding season.  Of course with all these weddings quickly approaching, (I mean, my first wedding is only three months away!), I have gone out a-huntin’ for my perfect party dress.  This is obviously not my first experience with such shopping intention and every time I embark upon this journey, I end up coming to the same frustrating place.  See, it is right before wedding season where I somehow manage to end a relationship and therefore do not have a companion to tote around and show off at the reception.  Needless to say I rather like going to such events alone and meeting up with my girlfriends where we can have a night of dancing in fairytale dresses.  Though, when getting ready for such an event, I am getting ready alone. 

Here is my conundrum; I find these adorable ‘made for me’ dresses that are simply perfect.  Great, what’s the problem, right?  Well, the only reason why I can tell they fit me perfectly is due to the help of the sales lady working the fitting room who kindly and awkwardly buttons my buttons and zips my zippers that are oh-so-conveniently placed down the center of my back.  That’s right; the only way I could get into these dresses of adorability is with a friend, a companion… a man.  Don’t these designers realize it is those of us without the men who need to look the most adorable, the most fantabulous, the most glorious at such events?  I mean, forget the bride and groom, these things are swarming with potentials! 

This is where the plea section of my entry comes in: Please-oh-please designers near and far, think about those of us who are dressing alone in our one-bedroom apartments across the land when designing those perfect, adorable, sensual lines of dresses. We want every single man to shudder at first glance as we strut onto the temporary dance floor to the tune of “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.  Thank you.


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