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March 19th, 2008

How to ease foot pain & discomfort caused by shoes

Oh the things we go through for fashion:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Hose or socks
  • Gel insoles
  • Adhesive foam pads
  • Band-Aid Blister Block stick
  • Corn sleeve


                    Step 1:
 Try wearing stockings or trouser socks with your shoes.
Most times, I prefer going without hose, but sometimes that ultra thin
piece of material makes all the difference in the world. Since I wear
pants most of the time, I buy knee-highs in bulk. Pick up a cardboard
box of them at the local large discount store and stash hose
everywhere, your purse, car glove box, or desk, in case of emergency.
If you want to keep the barelegged look, try toe socks or foot bands


                    Step 2:
 Try one of the cool new gel insoles or inserts available these days.
You can find complete inserts, or partials to stick in the toe or heel
of a shoe. They even low profile inserts especially for open, strappy sandals.  Truly, there’s a gel insert for everyone!


                    Step 3:
 Speaking of strappy sandals, pick up some self-adhesive foam strips if
the straps are causing irritation. If it’s the back of the shoe rubbing
your heel, stick a little foam pad back there and get on with life!


                    Step 4:
 Apply Band-Aid’s blister block stick to spots irritated by excessive
rubbing. It’s almost like putting on hose, and a single application
lasts all day. You’ll want to carry this in your purse.


                    Step 5:
The age-old remedy to a blister on a toe is a band-aid! Try a corn
sleeve instead. It’s a nude colored stretchy piece of elastic fabric
with a little silicone pad inside. Since it just slips on over your toe
and is not adhesive, it’s reusable.



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