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February 27th, 2008

How to care for designer shoes

From our pals over at eHow, here are their suggestions for how to take care of designer shoes. And with all the new shoes you purchased during Shoefly’s recent 40% OFF sale, this entry couldn’t be more timely.

How to Care for Designer Shoes

you have invested the time and the money into a new pair of designer
shoes, you will want to be sure to properly care for them so that you
still have them for years to come. The process is simple and will make
shoes look nearly new every time you wear them.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • A shoe dustbag
  • A storage space for shoes.
  • Leather cleaner and a clean cloth
  • Soft toothbrush and stain gaurd for suede shoes.
  • A genius cobbler.


                    Step 1:
Choose a place to store shoes. Keep them away from heaters or damp areas or the house/apartment.


                    Step 2:
Take new shoes to the cobbler and get shoe taps and possibly rubber
soles but on the bottom of the shoe. This will prolong the life of the
shoe and save you money at the cobbler in the long run.


                    Step 3:
Use the dust bag that comes with the shoes. If you did not get one it
can be purchased at nearly any major shoe store. Slip one dust bag over
each shoe, and it will keep them clean and prevent the shoes from
rubbing against each other in the box.


                    Step 4:
 Keep the box or invest in a sturdier box. Make sure the shoes fit nicely inside and stack boxes of shoes neatly.


                    Step 5:
Take time to clean and condition. For leather shoes invest in a
cleaning kit, or buff them with a clean cloth. For suede shoes just
brush them with a soft clean toothbrush. Also, remember to spray these
shoes with a stain guard.


                    Step 6:
Dry shoes properly if they get wet. For leather shoes clean off the
water with a clean cloth and then stuff with newspaper. Let them air
dry slowly away from a heat source. For suede shoes, well don’t get
these wet!


                    Step 7:
If you consistently wear a pair of shoes, give them a break and take
them to the cobbler once a year. The cobbler can reinforce the heel and
repair the sole of the shoe. It is better to do this before there is
any complete damage to the shoe.



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One Response to “How to care for designer shoes”

  1. Laura Says:

    These are some great tips and steps that I never would have thought to take for keeping shoes looking new!

    I’ve also found that the tips that these ladies give about caring for footwear and all the various accessories available for your footwear have been helpful too. Not only do they talk about caring for footwear but (more importantly) caring for the feet that wear them!


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