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December 3rd, 2007

Weekend in Review-Shoes and News

HELLO December! Although a large portion of the country is seeing its first big snow fall, we’re not so lucky hear in Portland. Instead, we live with freezing rain, which is typical of the Pacific Northwest this time of year. That said, we’re not sure what’s worse, all we know is that both chill our bones, but, unlike rain, snow doesn’t exactly run up our shoes and meander its way into our pants, leaving them soggy to the touch. 

All complaining aside, it’s a great time for shopping, as well as designer shoe and fashion news:

10 best jeans under $100—Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend $200-400 on a cute pair of jeans. To prove this, our friends at Yahoo! Shopping published an article detailing 10 denim options for under $100 each. From brands like Gap and Paper Denim, to J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret, there’s hope for us yet.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, design one that does—We all know finding that right pair of shoes can sometimes be more
difficult than Chinese algebra. Often times we’ll find a near perfect
pair, but there’s just one outlying feature we just can’t handle. To
solve this problem, designers are allowing their
customers to design shoes to fit their own requirements. Nike and
Vans already offer this, and Steve Madden is another brand which has recently jumped the
customized shoe bandwagon.

Oscar de la Renta: Still in Stlye—At 72 years young, Oscar de la Renta—one of the world’s most renowned fashion juggernauts—is just as popular, if not more popular, than ever. With roughly $750 million in annual retail sales, the brand is widely known for it’s designer clothing and, now, fragrances too. Check out the interview Mr. de la Renta had with Wall Street Journal writer Vanessa O’Connell. 


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