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November 7th, 2007

The best buck-seventy-five I’ve ever spent

Okay, they weren’t actually a buck-seventy-five, but that sounds so much cooler than ‘The best $175 I have ever spent.’ Don’t you think?  What the heck am I talking about?  Stay with me… I am talking about my Frye’s; my lovely, hearty, sexy, 1 ½” stacked wood heel, classic harness belt, make me want to get on my horse and ride, square-toed Frye boots.  I bought these bad boys two years back and they look like I bought them two days ago (what a testament to their quality!). The second I saw them it was instant love as my mind started whirling with outfit options.

Frye has been making their western-style boots since 1863.  You read right!  That was an 18 that preceded the 63.  Not only have they been around for over 140 years, they were one of the shoe companies responsible for outfitting the feet of the civil war soldiers.  With boot names like “Calvary” included in their plethora of shoes, everything begins to make sense (I know, sense and fashion rarely go hand in hand… did I just write that?).

They even have a shoe line dedicated to the workforce—in which they have boots and shoes aptly named “Engineer” and “Logger.”  Granted, I might not sport this line of Frye with my wrap dress, but what a style option for when you need to get the job done. 

The style in this boot is something I am going to Capitalize on, with a capital C!  And yes, there is a time for redundancy.   Now that I am done defending myself, let’s move to the boots!  These boots go with everything: my white flowing floor length summer skirt and my lean knee length black skirt; my boot cut jeans and my tucked in skinny jeans; black, brown, blue, pink, red, whatever color of my chosen outfit and whatever items make the outfit, my natural brown Frye’s bring rugged chic to any style, and they will for years to come.  That is just it; I bought my Frye’s two years ago, TWO YEARS AGO and they are still my go-to shoes.  I have actually purchased clothes solely to go with these boots, which completes my argument for why my Harness Frye boots are the best buck-seventy-five I have ever spent!  Carry on Frye!  I can’t wait for my next timeless purchase.



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